GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. What is Consciousness? Film 3

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Science discussion project “Game of Professionals”.

“What is consciousness? Film 3” – we continue to discuss the most critical and unsolved issues of modern psychology and psychiatry.

Watch next in the Third Game:

  • Is it possible to affect human consciousness?
  • What is the cause of unexplainable accidents?
  • Who manipulates a person and strives to enslave entire mankind?
  • How to get rid of obsessive thoughts?
  • Consciousness is the main enemy of a human.
  • Alcohol and drug addictions:
  • What are the true reasons and nature of this phenomenon?
  • What does modern science know about consciousness?
  • What prevents specialist from studying consciousness?
  • What is the true Personality of a human?

Experts from Switzerland, Sudan, Germany, Egypt, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, UAE, Slovenia, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and other countries are taking part in the Third Game.

During “Game of Professionals” various hypotheses, based on the Knowledge presented in the books by Anastasia Novykh and the programmes with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, are being discussed through the lens of scientific and practical experience.

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