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Triumph of the Devil over God. Game of Professionals. What is consciousness. Film 4

The science discussion project “GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. What is Consciousness? Film 4” is a sequel to the discussion of the most acute unsolved issues of psychology and psychiatry. Practical experiences of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and psychologists from various countries of the world. 

The basis of the considered hypothesis is the knowledge given in the books by Anastasia Novykh and in the programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Discussion in the format of a professional game enables experts to express their personal and professional opinion freely, without any harm to their reputation; to suggest any hypotheses and to consider them through the prism of their scientific and practical experience.    

Watch in Game Four:

  • Alcohol and drug addictions: what are the true reasons and nature of this phenomenon?
  • Is “cultural alcohol consumption” so innocent? Fatal consequences of low doses.
  • An illusion of enlightenment. The problem of taking hallucinogenic substances.
  • “What is allowed to gods…”: historical facts and the reality of today.
  • Propaganda for eradication of everything humane in a human being. Who is behind that?
  • “There are no former alcoholics or drug addicts.” MYTH BUSTING

Game Four participants are psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and physicians from Germany, USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, UAE, Switzerland, and other countries.


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