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GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. What is consciousness? Film 5

Science discussion project GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. What is consciousness? Film 5 is a sequel of discussion of the most acute unresolved issues in modern psychology and psychiatry.

Practical experiences of psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists from different countries of the world. As the basis of the considered hypothesis, the knowledge given in the books by Anastasia Novykh and the videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov has been taken. The discussion is held in the format of a professional game that enables experts to freely express their personal and professional views without any harm to their reputation, to suggest any hypotheses and consider them in the light of their scientific and practical experience.

Watch in the 5th Game:
– Love or manipulation: what is the basis of relationships between people?
– How does a family emerge? Why does a need in relationships arise?
– Interconnection between teenage suicides and family relationships.
– What is kept unspoken: thoughts of killing parents and children.
– Sexual fantasies: causes and consequences.
– Loss of the Knowledge of True Love. How to learn to love?

Participants of the 5th Game are psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other experts from the UK, USA, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, UAE, Switzerland, Armenia, Canada, and other countries.

Progressive time begets progressive projects.

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