How nice, how fresh will be the roses,
That my country will throw into my coffin …

I.Severyanin “Classic Rose”

Initially, all the martial arts were purely for self-controlling, health-improving and self-educative purposes.  Self-control, perseverance of the Spirit, endurance, self-discipline – that’s what people brought up in themselves. There was an understanding that the main thing in a person is Spirit, and the body is just a “cocoon” for the maturation of a wonderful butterfly – the Angel. Spirit controls the body, making it obedient, trained and unassuming. There was a clear understanding and knowledge that the body is just an instrument, and the real Master is the Spirit of man!

But the times passed and gradually these Knowledge disappeared … Social template patterns were formed, transforming Free-Spirited people to zombified slaves of the system…

In the distant past, in the territory of the modern Apennine peninsula, there was a mighty Romulus state – the Roman Empire. It was a formidable and militant slave-owning state entity that carried out an aggressive foreign policy. In this state inhuman practice of public relations flourished, which became a common name in history  as “bread and circuses”. The second part of this concept was mostly gladiator fights.

There was a time when people were specifically taught that when performing in the arenas, they should kill the likes to please those in power and the rabble(the mob) of Rome. It is possible that this “fun” existed before. It just reached to us due to the history of Rome, as well as due to the well-known in the history of the uprising of the slaves of the gladiators under the leadership of the Thracian Spartacus – a man who dared to challenge the existing system and who also possessed an outstanding military talent, who, with the thousands of his brethren could make the menacing Roman legions tremble.

However, we repeat ourselves that we can assert with a certain degree of certainty that such a thing existed even in earlier times. (For example, Aztecs had a fighting in which the intended victim was beaten by imaginary weapons from four soldiers armed with real weapons, who fought as if the victim was really armed). And such “entertainments” began exactly from the time when there was a transition in society from the spiritual and creative vector of development to the consumer one. Since, in fact, for the genuine, behind-the-scenes “inventor” of this theater – the system of Animal mind (for more details see the book “AllatRa“) – it does not matter at all by what means of manipulation to achieve its goals. Its goal is to drain a huge amount of emotions (whether positive or negative), as well as to bring the human being down to an extremely low animal level.

We will now make a magical flight on the “carpet-plane” of our imagination and move from ancient Rome to the modern world. What will we see? The same picture. All the same system tools that have only changed the outer wrapper, changed their appearances, but they are still unchanged in their essence. Thanks to the same duality of human nature, the system still downloads into its insatiable womb even more human energy only now with the help of television and the Internet and on a much larger scale. Massive waves of emotions spill out from the stands of stadiums, TV screens, mass shows – football, boxing, fights without rules. And this is only the beginning of this endless list of tools of the system, with the help of which it pumps out the power of attention from the humanity. By the way, it would be very relevant and interesting to mention information from A. Novykh’s book “AllatRa” here:

“… What is the sport associated with by most people? First, with the game, where the main thing is to win by any means. Secondly, with the stadiums, where an enormous number of sport fans gather. This mass focuses all its attention on the game, which triggers huge surge of emotions in it. Besides, mind that this surge of emotions is quite expected and planned, regardless of the result of the game. Smart people should think about this and about who and for what purpose does is this actually done. After all, a human emotions are a powerful energy. With his/her negative emotions a person feeds the Animal nature, and masses of people feed the Animal mind with their same emotions. And, generally speaking, how did the big sport come up? How did sports competitions appear in the form of mass entertainment?… “

So, what we see: modern sportsmen live, of course, in better external conditions than their ancient “colleagues” – gladiators. But the essence is still the same. Yes, the same legionnaires (the first meaning is a soldier of the legion, the second one is a sportsman playing under a contract for an overseas sports club) in football are also putting their health in danger for the fun of the crowd in a game in which 22 adult men run around the field for the ball in the hope of taking it from each other. Or, for example, take boxers and fighters of mixed martial arts – what are these shows and who are their participants. After all, It’s all the same spectacles of Ancient Rome and all the same gladiators. They literally mutilate and kill each other for the fun of the crowd, with the only difference that they are paid big amount of money for this. But after all, the essence is the same.

As you know, demand creates supply. Why are people so interested in such a plan of spectacle, both in those times and now?

We all know that most people consider themselves kind and peaceful, but in that case where does this craving for watching cruel scenes of violence through the screen or in real life appear from in the human being? Does this have anything to do with kindness? What mechanisms are working in man at those moments? We all know that no one will do voluntarily what he does not like. So, if we look at such bloody shows, that means we like it. This brings some pleasure. Who is that in us who secretly rejoices and gets pleasure from the fact that someone died or got maimed, but he remained alive and unharmed? This does not apply to psychology, this is something that lies in much deeper. Isn’t this the manifestation of the subconscious struggle for domination and survival peculiar to the animal nature of man? After all, everyone who watches that, always associates himself with the one who won in those competitions, thereby, stimulating his megalomania. Although, maybe he never opened the door to the gym in real life. (Let’s honestly ask ourselves, will we feel good if we were beaten? Would we feel the same pleasure from watching this fight from the side? Man likes to watch how people are beaten, but he doesn’t like it when they hit him. There is an interesting moment here when a person associates himself with the winner in the ring – it amuses his ego but is he ready to undergo all the pain and trauma that the winner suffered from). A person likes to identify himself with the winner, but maybe he will change his attitude to this, if at least once in reality he appears in the place of the defeated.

Conclusion: It is interesting to watch and enjoy such shows only for our animal nature. Only animal nature in a man can rejoice in the pains of other people. It’s only typical to the animal nature to be interested in the moment of some sadistic self-affirmation, when: here that loser is defeated, and I am safe and sound. I’m unusually cool, and he’s been beaten or killed…

A person is beating another person for money and for self-affirmation, and a crowd of the same people is sitting and hooting while watching this. What kind of civility can we talk about? What kind of cultural level of modern humanity does this talk about when such a primitive and wild “entertainment” is interesting to people? After all, those who are in the ring, and those who watch them, are on the same wave of animal nature.

A small remark here that I’m not talking about the harm of physical discipline and physical culture as such. No one is against physical development and health. Rather, even vice versa. As the popular phrase says: “Physical culture heals, and sport maims.”

Physical culture and sport (I mean big sport) are different concepts. Sport (big sport) is a huge business built on human sweat and blood, destroying people’s lives and bringing tremendous profits to their owners. Well, and as a result – this is the food for its true master – the Animal mind. We won’t even mention such an ugly phenomenon as sports fanaticism, which, by the way, is being talked about capacious and volumetric by I. M. Danilov in the program “The Truth is one for everyone”.

Here it would still be very appropriate to quote from the book “AllatRa” about big sport, which I’m doing with pleasure:

“…And what for does an athlete sacrifice himself, his life time and health? For the sake of glory for himself personally and at the same time for the glorification of the country that provides him with different benefits and privileges for the victory. But what lies behind the organisation of such competitions and emotional participation of millions of people in them? What do they stimulate in people? Few people think about it. And what, as a result, does the career of, for example, a sports champion end with? Does he really conquer himself? No. His result is former glory, the wounded sense of pride that he has remained underappreciated by his country, and inner emptiness. For as soon as he starts having health problems or stops winning competitions, nobody needs him, which is common in professional sport…”

I would also like to mention such a moment that such an opinion is actively supported in the sports environment that the athlete becomes stronger on the way to success and victory. And partly this is true – after all, there will not be satisfactory results without self-discipline and diligence.

But this is only one side of the coin. And the second is that it all ends with self-discipline in best case scenario. The attention of the athlete is shifted from the inner work on himself to achieve an external result and, often with the thought in his mind; “It does not matter how, just only to win. Victory at any cost.” But, often, such victories turn to complete internal defeat. Many champions, achieving great victories, to which they went for years, and already standing on a pedestal, they said that, there was emptiness and apathy inside instead of the expected happiness. Moreover, the more attention and forces were invested in achieving the goal, the more the internal devastation was felt.

Many athletes believe that by defeating others they become stronger. While a true warrior wins first himself and this is the highest victory! You won’t be given medals for it, but this in no way detracts from the greatness and significance of the victory over oneself. After all, this victory gives inner fullness. Brings a sense of freedom, inner freedom from the shackles of the system. A real warrior wins himself! There is a wise parable about this – the Parable of the Path of the Warrior.

The essence is that both the gladiators and the audience have one problem –  inner emptiness, which both are trying to fill in somehow. But it is impossible to fill it in with external actions and shows. And the system only took advantage of the fact of our unknowingness, only this gave it an advantage. But it no longer has this advantage.

The question arises here: what should all people do who are deceived by the system?  The same sportsmen, for example? What should we all people do who are living in the illusions of the system and who don’t even realize it? We are all in the same boat, which has long been leaking. However, few of us notice this or think about the question. But where the humanity is heading now. Our ignorance is beneficial for the system. After all, as they say: “The best slave is the one who does not even realize that he is a slave.” What to do? On this age-old question the answer appeared with the publication of the book “AllatRa” and the program “Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive“.

Based on the knowledge gained, sport is already seen not as a self-purpose itself and not a means of achieving superiority over someone, but, above all, as a tool for self-restraint and self-discipline, so that the body properly fulfills the tasks of the person himself – that is, the Spirit. As for the competition, it is also necessary to completely change the vector from an adversarial-competing to purely friendly matches. And then, without any regalia and other stuff that are developing pride and contention. But it should be vice versa, they should be aimed at mutual help, mutual assistance, conjoint overcoming of any external obstacles.

Undoubtedly, many sports will change or even disappear, but that’s how they are destined to be.  Why develop something that makes the animal nature stronger in man? And, of course aggressive-traumatic-crippling types of spectacles should be completely abolished. As for people, who are free in Spirit, there is no joy and can’t be any joy and pleasure in when two such same people, in fact, their own brothers beat each other to blood like wild beasts in the ring.

Every sport must first be a tool for physical discipline and human culture. The main thing is that a person develops spiritually and morally, and the physical development can only serve as a help to this. That is why all sportsmen can calmly redirect all their power, energy, attention to the development of their internal potential, and sport will become nothing more than a healthy hobby for them, a hobby and a way of active and interesting pastime.

We are sure that when all of the humanity rise in Spirit, throw off the fetters of the system, then such “rudiments” will disappear by themselves. Therefore, it’s so important to spread the Primordial Knowledge among all mankind as soon as possible. Without the Knowledge, our civilization can destroy itself, drowning in its own aggression. But the point is primarily in the fact that no normal, adequate, sensible person wants to live like this. The only problem is that he does not know how it can be otherwise. If people knew, they would not live like that. Many have such settings in mindset – that “it was always like that,” that “it’s all man’s nature”, “what can I do alone?” …

It was not always like that! Just do not trust too much the presented orthodox history. You should show a little curiosity, and truthful answers will find the one who cares. The archaeological history of our planet contains many evidences to that. Man is dual and along with the animal nature, there is also a Spiritual component in him.And it is the spiritual part that must dominate in man! Only then does man become Man – the crown of nature. (Otherwise, it’s just a link in the food chain). Each person can do a lot! At least, one should start with stopping to be passive and indifferent to his/her own destiny and in the future, to the destiny of all mankind. Everyone needs to know first – who he is. Why did he come to this world? And how can he achieve real Freedom? Especially now, when we already have the answers.

Absolutely every person plays a crucial role in the future destiny of all mankind! All those who have learned or at least encountered with the Primordial Knowledge, can pass this message on. And then the changes will not take long. It is actually very easy to build a healthy, harmoniously developed community of all people on Earth. Especially now, when we already know how to do that. It is important not to be waiting, but to take an active-feasible part in this construction. Nobody will fulfill this task for us. And it does not matter whether a person makes a large or small contribution to this construction. It’s not important at all. Everything just depends on the sincerity of intentions.

Now such unique conditions have formed, under which mankind can use its chance and turn over the monad toward spiritual development of the civilization. It can create an entirely new social world order, using the tools of informational influence of the Animal mind upon people for the purpose and in a direction that is completely opposite to it, for the development of humanity in the spiritual and creative way. The personal contribution of each person to the common cause of spiritual and moral transformation of society is very important. One can say that every, even the most seemingly simple and “insignificant” thing done for disseminating the Truth, in the end, one way or another, it affects the global situation in society and forms its future. Like the see is formed from many streams and rivers, so the global creative information field is formed out of thoughts and actions of the many people, who accepted the Truth and became its active conductors.

From the book “AllatRa”

Dear humanity! Audience and athletes, their relatives and friends, and all-all-all – WE are one family – humanity! We were forced to forget about this, but thanks to ALLATRA we start to remember. And to act. It’s important, words without deeds are an empty sound! We can, we can really change our destiny for the better! And together it will be easier for us to do it! One just should not stay indifferent. Time is accelerating … There is a chance, and together we can, and we should use it. We just must decide and make a choice, a real choice, and then no one and nothing can stop us. We just must choose – in which world do we want to live? We, our relatives, friends, our children, grandchildren – everyone! And everyone is each of us! And hence, everything depends on the actions of each of us!

To waste the whole Eternity on only just one moment? What is the point here? To suffer in the arms of the beast’s skin, to serve the pants decaying day by day. Is life in this? But life is infinite! It has no suffering, it does not tear, for it’s impossible to wear out the Soul. The clothing has no Home; there’s just a closet where it is kept for only a short while. Only the Soul has a true Home. And it’s the Soul that, yearning for Eternity, begets this sense of Home, for which man searches his entire life.

Rigden Djappo (From the book “AllatRa”)

Author: Jamal Bunyadov

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