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Glitches in the System

The system is failing. Real stories of people, life examples, facts from physics and psychiatry. Scientific experiments proving the illusory nature of our world. Human consciousness is a part of a unified system. Examples of glitches in the work of consciousness. Why are there cases when consciousness trips a person up? It prompts him to take a wrong turn on the road, exposing him to dangers; it creates memory lapses or draws recollections of what has never happened in reality. Why can a person forget for a certain while what his name is and where he is? How the system is saving on people and turns a person into its bot. Moreover, how to eliminate glitches in one’s own consciousness.

Reality doesn’t exist! We live in “the matrix”. Do you want to know what it is? Who has created it and what for? All we are offering is the truth, nothing more!

Send your life videos, stories, and examples of glitches in the system to ALLATRA TV email:

P.S. Also, let us know which pill you have chosen after all.


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