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Global changes. Will we choose a better world ?

The global conferences on May 11 and June 22, 2019 have created a major precedent, the ripple effect of which can still be felt. The precedent encouraged people to talk more freely about a better future for the world and significant global changes they are expecting.
What ripple effect has been produced?

These global events set the beginning of great changes. We are witnessing the habitual rhythms in people’s brains changing, as the climate and the entire world are changing. The changes are taking place not only in people’s heads, but also in their hearts. They start beating more loudly and more and more people start to hear the call.

But there is also the other side of the transformation: how will people use these changes? After all, everything depends on people’s choice now. We can bring humanity to a ruin, or on the contrary, get our civilization somewhere we’ve hardly dared to dream about, the golden millennium.

What do you choose?

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