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Global Crisis. How do Relationships Among People Influence Our World? | International Round Table

International round tables are a continuation of the conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone” that took place thanks to the initiative of people themselves and was interpreted by volunteers into 72 languages.

At the conference, vitally important issues were raised, which do not leave anyone indifferent: reduction of jobs under the influence of technologies, dangerous vector of AI development in the consumer society, environmental crisis, and the most dangerous crisis related to climate. At today’s round table, we would like to discuss the following:

  • How do relationships among people influence our society?
  • What problems do we face in the consumerist format of society?
  • How important is it now to speak of the seriousness of the climate crisis?
  • How important is it for all countries and all people to consolidate their efforts and build the Creative Society as soon as possible?

Right now, people from all over the world, who are not indifferent, are acting and showing an example that we can unite and really build a creative format of society and overcome all the crises!

Join us, dear friends! Together we will be able to do more!

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