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GLOBAL CRISIS. ITALY. THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON US | Online Conference. September 16th, 2023

🆘 Italy is on the brink of a disaster. There is a full-scale war going on all over the world, and our country is on the front line. For centuries, we’ve been experiencing direct attacks of the enemy, but now we face a crucial battle. Our enemy is the climate. It is ruthless, it is cold-blooded; its tactics are unpredictable, it takes no prisoners, and it is impossible to negotiate with it. Severe droughts are followed by floods and torrential rains. Escalating storms and hurricanes, extreme temperature changes and tornadoes are nothing compared to the danger that comes from the depths of our planet.

In order to survive this war that the climate has declared on us, all of humanity must unite. We must work day and night on technologies that can defeat this enemy. But first, we should open our eyes, recognize the enormity of the tragedy, and realize that we can no longer remain idle.

The main challenge for humankind today is to survive. People must know the truth and must be aware that there is a way out. The only model of society that will ensure conditions for preventing a catastrophe is the Creative Society model. Whether we are able to unite on time and make the right choice depends on each of us.

The time to act is right now! It is time to unite in order to change the future of our country and that of the whole world.

September 16th, 2023, is the day when every Italian must make a choice whether or not there will be a country like Italy and such a planet as the Earth. We invite you to an exclusive online conference “Global Crisis. Italy. The Future Depends On Us”.

It’s an unprecedented event! Learn the shocking truth about the climate disasters that are overwhelming our country and the danger hidden in the depths of the Earth beneath the territory of Italy.

Join this momentous event, which will be streamed across all online platforms. You will learn everything that mass media keeps silent about and experts are underreporting. Get ready for new revelations, unique insights, and concrete action plans!

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