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Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum November 12, 2022

What can make people of different nationalities, religions, professions and social status from all over the world unite voluntarily on a single platform? What can make representatives of 180 countries work as volunteers every day to prepare a complex event?

Global crisis: wars, epidemics, threats of starvation and mass extinction. Does such a reason look important enough? And this is just the tip of the deadly “iceberg” that is looming.

The last war of humanity is a war against climate that is killing both the poor and the rich everywhere in the world. It is already underway, taking the lives of millions of people, destroying everything in its path…

For the participants of the open international online Forum Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity these reasons were enough to put contradictions aside and unite for the sake of informing the entire population of the Earth! Without sponsors, without advertising, without a hidden agenda.

We are being artificially divided and forced to fight each other. The life of a fragmented humanity is under imminent threat of annihilation. The Forum participants are aware of this, the Forum experts will confirm it with scientific facts, and eyewitnesses will share their own experience. They will voice all the facts during the live broadcast, on November 12, 2022, with simultaneous interpreting into 150 languages!

If you still have any common sense left in you, join the Forum! If you are ready to take the responsibility for your life back which you vainly shifted to politicians, have the courage to learn the truth! After all, our main tasks today are to avoid a climate catastrophe, to understand the real scale and causes of the world crises, and finally to consider practical solutions and ways out of the situation.

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