Knowledge of a person

God can not be lost

If you have acquired something,
connected with the spiritual world, then
how can it be lost?

When a Personality receives as a gift some share of freedom and understanding, consciousness begins to question everything that the Personality has acquired. To convince it that this is untruth or accident. Demands that the Personality should put in words its sensory experience. In general, in every way manipulates the Personality to regain power over it. If a human succumbs to these persuasions, then he begins to feel that the connection with the spiritual world has been lost. Often it seems to a human that his positions, as Personality, have become even weaker than they were before acquiring sensory experience.

Igor Mikhailovich: Look, what’s the point: a constant self-evaluation – whom is coming from? Consciousness constantly criticizes and humiliates us. If you have acquired something connected with the Spiritual world: understanding, love, happiness, infinity, how can this be lost? You can lose a pen, something else. But it is impossible to lose God, if you have acquired Him.

Consciousness will never be able to understand and acquire anything in the Spiritual world. And who evaluates this all in you? Who is profitable to tell that you as a Personality are a worthless creature that loses all the time, which is dependent, and the like? Only to the one who manipulates you. Tell me, Personality would have driven you to an iceberg or to volcanic eruptions? Did you get an answer to your question?

There is nothing wrong with traveling. It’s interesting and good, especially since you’re bringing people to where they would not voluntarily go. Your videos and photos, they are beautiful, they give us an understanding of what not to do. “

From the program “THE INVISIBLE WORLD” (1:25:54)

Consciousness is a tool that is given to us for communication in this three-dimensional world. It creates some adaptation, simplifies communication. But man is not only connected with this world, he is part of the spiritual world and can become part of the Whole. Consciousness, trying to manage and advise a person in his actions, relies on his understanding. Understanding from consciousness. Can it be of any help? Consciousness does not know the world of the Spiritual and for it the Spiritual world is not understandable.

The questions were answered by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

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