The Universal Grain


Sooner or later every modern sensible person realizes that it is necessary, first of all, to find inner balance in oneself and peace of mind. Only within oneself a person can understand and realize the purpose for which he or she was born in this world. Indeed, without the spiritual feeling (deep in heart), one can understand nothing- therefore the Spirit controls the mind. That feeling, when you are one with God, means that you are already a spirit, even if you are in the body yet. Because a person is made of flesh, and God is Spirit, here and now. And this is a deep feeling. Of course, we cannot see God with our eyes. Therefore, those who want to talk to God must be in spirit. Modern people perfectly understand what exactly unites us all. And that our true nature is in freedom, sincerity, love. And all sufferings are just manifestations of the mind. That is why it is so important to learn how to control anxious thoughts, starting, first of all, of course with yourself.

“I don’t think that we need middlemen to communicate with God. If the Holy Spirit is in us, we need no one else. People communicate with each other through the Holy Spirit. And if there is a feeling of the Holy Spirit, then there is a feeling of God. No matter where we are, in our room, in various conversations, in any other activities, we can communicate with God personally. And God hears us. Here, however, there is another important point – we must also hear Him in response. We must hear the Holy Spirit. And we should have the allotted time, personal time only for God. And we can always feel God: when there is noise around, many voices, no matter … We can hear Him inside,” a girl from Nigeria.

Interviews, reviews, comments by doctors of science, heads of institutes, professors, clergymen of various denominations, as well as numerous people of various activities, status, age and gender for the large-scale social research project “The Universal Grain. Part one. The Choice”, initiated and conducted by people themselves together with the volunteers of AllatRa International Public Movement , have shown the most important thing – that people are Alive and are drawn with all their hearts to the One that unites everyone: to sincerity, honesty, kindness and original Love, that from century to century has been called the inner light AllatRa.

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