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Grand Solar Minimum and Correlation with Climate Change on Earth. Jake and Mari Riley

Jake & Mari are Independent researchers & founders of Grand Solar Minimum website and Youtube channel. They study natural causes of climate change and inform society that we are indeed going into a Grand Solar Minimum.
Discuss the different facts coming from multiple sources from around the world. Interview people behind the science of the Grand Solar Minimum and strive for society to gain awareness of the changes that are taking place.
Raise awareness on the fact that our climate is changing and we as a human race need to make a shift and adapt to these changes.
Jake & Mari report on EXTREME WEATHER events, Space News & Weather.

In this interview, we will find out:

  • What is Grand Solar Minimum?
  • How the activity of the Sun related to climate change on Earth?
  • How does the cosmic radiation bombarding our planet affect it?
  • What causes climate change and extreme weather events?
  • Does CO2 has any effect?
  • Why volcanic and seismic activity is increasing?
  • How can we adapt to climate change and unite society?

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