Shadow control

“Guardian” demons. Shadow Control

People who have remained intact after road traffic accidents often call it nothing but the help of a guardian angel. In some cases, they see a manifestation of certain creatures. Yet, who are actually these creatures? How does the perception of reality change when shadows come into play? “Guardian” demons, and why manifestations of shadows on the road are dangerous.

Any road traffic accident can always be explained! Excessive speed, road and weather conditions, inappropriate behaviour of road users, etc. But it also happens that unexplainable phenomena can serve as the cause of an accident. So it was with the hero of this episode of Shadow Control. Before his car hit the concrete fence, he saw a shadow. It spoke to him and took him by the hand; after that the driver stopped perceiving the reality and only woke up when he was pulled out of the wrecked car.

An interview filmed in hot pursuit. Indisputable facts of the existence of shadows-demons in our life.

Plus recommendations on how to protect oneself from such dangerous encounters on the road.

Watch in this episode of Shadow Control — “Guardian” demons

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Together, we can put an end to the game of shadows in our lives.


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