Harbingers of the last days and what can humanity do to survive

Text version of the programme “CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Part 5.

(Note, abbreviations in the text: lead Tatiana – T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM)

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Which predictions on the last days are coming true today? What kind of future will humanity choose? Who is the Judge which will come at the last days? Who and what for differentiates people by religions? What hampers humankind to manage an issue of poverty, hunger, and lack of drinking water? What can really unite people and why the system is terrified of it?

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Narrator: Harbingers of the end days. What is coming true?

Spiritual decline of humankind at the last days

Narrator: Spiritual and moral decline of humankind.

The Holy Scripture of Christianity, the Bible, says, “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, slanderous, brutal, …not loving good.”

The Bible about people in the time of the last days.

Narrator: In the ancient religion of Hinduism, it is said that in the last epoch of the cycle, Kali Yuga, “practically all desirable qualities will gradually diminish in people.”  It will be a dark age when “a person’s spiritual position will be ascertained merely according to external symbols, and on that same basis people will change from one spiritual order to the next.”  Where “filling the belly will become the goal of life, and impudence will be accepted as truthful.”

Hinduism about the loss of all good qualities in people in the Kali Yuga age.

Hinduism about the disappearance of truthfulness, purity and mercy at the end of times.

Hinduism about the vicious mores of people at the end of the Kali Yuga.

Hinduism about the lack of spiritual values in society during the Kali Yuga times.

Hinduism about the loss of understanding of the true purpose of human life in the last days.

Natural disasters and acceleration of time

Narrator: Harbingers of the end days. Terrifying events, earthquakes in various places. Acceleration of time.

In the Gospel of Luke it is said, “.. there will be great earthquakes, famines, and plagues in various places, as well as terrifying events, including significant signs from heaven.”

The Bible about natural phenomena in the last days.

Narrator: In Islam, it is also mentioned about the Judgement Day, Al-Qiyamah. In the Hadith, it is said that “the Prophet, may Allah bless and welcome him, said, “The Hour will not happen until… earthquakes increase in number and time passes quickly…””

Islam about the Judgement Day (Kiyamat)

Narrator: “The Puranas” are sacred texts of ancient Hindu literature. These ancient legends say about the horrors of the end of Kali Yuga, that during this period, “The citizens will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease and severe anxiety.”

Hinduism, the Puranas about the horrors of the end of the Kali Yuga.

Only being united can humanity survive in the last days

Fragment from the programme CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: 

But even in case of the most positive outcome, indeed, in just a little while the time of the Crossroads ends, and if humanity chooses the path of spiritual development, the path of unity, if everyone who’s alive at least a little bit stops being silent and unite, even then we won’t be able to avoid most of the disasters that are already chartered, so to say. But we’ll be able to survive. However, we’ll be able to survive only together.

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov in the programme “Climate. The Future is Now”

Narrator: As it is said in the book “AllatRa”The Knowledge has been given to man, and his choice and action depend only on him! And changes in the whole global society depend on actions of every person! For all the living people, this is really the last remaining chance to spiritually save themselves and the civilisation.

In the last days the Judge will come…

Т: It’s just that so much is said about the Last Day in both eschatology and various religions. And we’ve also found that the eschatological literature of the 1st century BC talked about everything that you’ve been saying. And it was mentioned that the Judge will come. And, if I may, I will read this out loud so that…

IM: Go ahead, please.

T: It is said that “He was selected and hidden by the Lord before the emergence of the world, and he will remain before Him until the end of ages.” The reason why we’ve got interested in this concept of “hidden” is that in the previous programme we raised the topic that Imam Mahdi would be present in a hidden state…

IM: They actually refer to the Holy Spirit here, if we speak the language of Christianity.

T: Yes, and it was mentioned that “…At the end of times, the Lord will reveal him to people and put him on the throne of His glory so that he would judge all created according to the purpose for which it was initially created.” But what’s also interesting is that “…When He rises to judge the world, the world will prostrate itself in front of him, glorifying him and the Lord of the spirits. The voice of the chosen ones and the voice of angels in Heaven will join the collective hymn in the garden of Life.”

IM: That’s right, “in the garden of Life” (T: It’s just that…) and “the voice of the chosen ones in the garden of Life”. The question is, even from this perspective, does it really say “everyone”?

T: Many are called, but few are chosen.

IM: Absolutely right. On the one hand, all people are chosen. They are in this world, they are here, they’ve already got a chance. But in this context it is said about the chosen ones who have gained Life. They are still here, in the garden, among people on earth, but they are already chosen because they are already Alive. And they do feel and understand Him, they feel and understand who He is. And their voice already joins His voice, right? Same as Angels in heavens.

T: The collective hymn…

IM: The collective hymn.

T: …of the triumph of Love.

IM: Of course.

Who and why had divided people by religions?

T: It’s just that everything seems to already exist in religions… as in Islam, in Christianity, in Zoroastrianism, a lot is said about the choice of people, and specifically the active position of people in choosing goodness.

IM: Yes (T: And…), and that very cyclicity is mentioned, and everything else is talked about. Isn’t that so?

T: It is. Well, it’s just that, you know, it seems that scientists do their research one-sidedly, only in their own field, but completely…

IM: And there’s no holistic approach.

T: Into related… Yes… They don’t look into related fields of science at all…

IM: Of course. And why has satan divided people into religions as well? After all, it’s actually satan who has divided. He has even divided religions (we’ve talked about this a lot) so that people wouldn’t see the entire picture.

Because if there is an impartial view of the holistic picture of the world, of all religions, then, whether a person wants this or not, he comes to what? To the Universal Grain. He comes to an overall understanding, to what all saints come to. God is one (T: Right). And a person can come to Him only through Love, and not through fright, not through fear or anything else.

It’s precisely fear that drives people into fetters and bondage, let’s say, of the system itself. And again, a human being is not a God’s slave. He cannot be a God’s slave, and these are also substitutions. A human is a slave of satan for as long as he is his slave. This is so.

T: It’s just that, you know, in this period of time you understand how important it is for people to share this Knowledge, just in order not to see a stranger in another person, in order to see that consciousness is exactly the stranger. However, when people don’t see this…

What unites people?

IM: And here you respond to the fundamentals of the fundamentals. After all, consciousness makes people separated and lonely. And so, why (we’ve talked a lot about this) do people still feel lonely when they are among their relatives and friends? For as long as they are talking, laughing, arguing, even quarrelling, they don’t feel lonely. But once a person calms down a little bit and just closes his eyes, he feels lonely even among his relatives and friends; he’s on his own when he’s controlled by satan.

But when a person lives by the Spiritual World, when God’s Love is most important for him, when he feels Love in return, and Life is actually arising in him, then he understands – no matter where he is, he’s not alone. This is impossible when God is with him. 

When the entire Spiritual World is in him, and he’s in that World, well, how can he be alone? And that’s the point: the spiritual unites while the devilish divides.

   T: It’s just, well, it’s so important for people to share with each other, even just in communication…

IM: …to understand.

T: To understand, right, and to be an example themselves.

IM: There’s a simple example, I’ll give a simple example… Two loving hearts love each other, they cannot live without each other – and all of a sudden they are already enemies. And how many of such examples are there? And they feel hatred and envy.

People can always come to an agreement and solve any problems 

T: It’s just, you know, these situations are like… after all, everything is fractal, they are like, well, these situations happen within a family (IM: Yes). Also, if we speak of cataclysms, it’s exactly like you said: refugees will meet those people whom they will come to, that it’s absolutely the same when people don’t know…

IM: And if we look at it from the perspective of the Spiritual World, and they come… but you are actually coming to yourself. It cannot be said otherwise; after all, in the Spiritual World, this is so. Well, aren’t you happy to meet yourself? Well, they came… Well, there can be no disputes or any discussions here at all.

Let’s say, no one will come to anyone with weapons, and no one will meet anyone with weapons, because it is dear ones meeting, the dearest and the closest ones who are always cheerful, and who’ll always be together. What dispute can we talk about here? It’s always possible to come to an agreement, it’s always possible to… It’s possible to resolve everything.

Modern technologies can make even deserts fertile. It’s just that this is not used. Well, we are not raising the issue of … For example, they are fighting famine, right (let me give… this is how the system works), the UN and many other organizations have been fighting famine for a long time, but there are more and more starving people, more and more people in need.

And is it really impossible to solve the issue of water, of food? From the perspective as long as satan rules the world – no! Because for them it’s much more important to serve the devil in their heads, or, to put it simply, to make more money with no regard for anyone. However, what will you do with this money? Well, isn’t that so?

And from the spiritual perspective? It’s easy, everything is possible. Trees can be planted to replace the ones cut down, and it’s possible to create conditions when everything will be available (T: The main thing is for a person to…), and there will be enough of everything.

T: The main thing for a person is just to be oriented to giving Love, because, well, in the modern world everyone wants, you’ve said that correctly…

IMThe main thing for a person is to become Alive, then everything can be resolved. It’s difficult for dead ones to understand this. While for those who… in whom Life still glimmers, those do feel this and can understand.

Why is the system afraid of spiritual unification of people?

T: We’ve also raised such a topic… the topic of resources, of distribution of resources, it’s just that I’d like to touch upon this issue, too, because in the modern time, of course, information is being widely promoted in mass media about…

IM: Yes, they say that artificial intelligence will have to deal with this in the future. But who deals with this now, isn’t it the system?

T: What’s the difference whether it’s someone who’s controlled by it, or…

IM: So, one person said that in the near future we will face global totalitarianism, supposedly for the good of humanity. Isn’t it that way right now? A simple question.

T: That is, the system diverts attention to some future, while here and now it simply implements (IM: Of course) its plans (IM: Absolutely). But you know, it is also interesting, what the system is playing on?

IM: On selfishness and on pridefulness of some individuals. The question is: where is pridefulness and selfishness of the rest of people? And why is this happening? Because everything is separated. Everything is divided and separated, there is no unity. And why is the system afraid of unity? When people unite based on their spiritual… in fact, in their best understanding of, let’s say, their best spiritual impulse, right? It’s disastrous for the system.

T: Meaning, all of its programs completely break down?

IM: Its plans.

T: Plans.

IM: Of course, because it likes to plan.

T: It doesn’t see what’s going on.

IM: Yes. And here, when there is spiritual unification of people based on Love, understanding, well, this… for it… there is no way that’s a part of its plan.

T: It doesn’t see what’s going on, when people are simply abide in Love…

IM: And it doesn’t know what to do about it.

T: …and doesn’t know what to do about it.

IM: Of course.

T: Totally invisible, and how this develops…

IM: It’s like a glitch in the program, you know? It’s like a virus that can completely shut down a tablet. It’s the same here.

T: Well, this is very inspiring information, because for sure (IM: Yes, yes) this information breaks all these patterns of consciousness that arise in people’s heads.

IM: It’s okay, the system has plenty of arguments, don’t worry. It will mend the broken patterns in people’s heads.

Taking care of each other is a natural need of a human

T: It’s just, you know, well, we’ve touched a little on this artificial intelligence topic, but I understand how much the system wants to become a human’s substitute in those matters where in their natural state, in the state of an Angel, people are obliged to take care of one another, that is, to take care of another person, to give…

IM: He isn’t obliged to anyone. It’s a need (T: A natural one). It’s a natural need. But the understanding that “a person is obliged”, “obliged to pose as a kind person” — it comes exactly from the system in people’s consciousness. A person has to put on a mask of someone, well, like Mother Teresa, right, and to do good deeds for everyone. And why? Because no one knows who she really was… Well, we are not raising this topic.

One should be more straight-out to manifestations of the system inside oneself

T: We’ve also touched on a topic “of being kind”, because there’s such a typical pattern in people’s consciousness as “being kind towards everything”, including manifestations of the system, even, say, in those moments when one needs inside oneself, too…

IM: Hold on… If you (I’ve already told about this in one of the programmes), if a rabid dog bites your left leg, should you offer it your right leg? After all, you really have to be kind to the sick rabid dying dog that wants to bite you. It bites your left leg, but now it really wants to bite the right one. Should you give it your right leg, or what should be done?

T: Well, you know, people don’t have (IM: There’s an answer here, too), distinction (IM: Understanding) and understanding, yes, that one should be uncompromising, say, unyielding towards manifestations of the system inside oneself, first and foremost…

IM: And that’s why the world is like that, you see?

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