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Havana and Its People. A STORY OF REVIVAL | Documentary Film

Havana… How much life is kept in one of the most beautiful cities in the western hemisphere! The living beauty of the city is in its inhabitants.

ALLATRA TV in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine presents the second film of the series Creative Essence of the Cuban Soul, that is dedicated to the capital city of this country and its inhabitants: Havana and Its People. A Story of Revival

This is a story of humaneness, unification and Havana, which is told by the people who have done a lot for this city and its inhabitants.

By examples of personal stories, this documentary demonstrates how spiritual and moral values change a person’s life and society for the better, and how important the example of every person is in building the Creative society which all of us want to live in.

The Documentary shows an example of such a prominent personality as Eusebio Leal is revealed, as well as his tremendous contribution to the development of Havana and the life of its inhabitants.

In their interviews, distinguished personalities of Havana emphasize what is the most beautiful for Havana and its inhabitants themselves. They express their opinions about the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society and share what kind of world they want to live in.

We express sincere gratitude for the contribution and participation in the production of the film to:

Embassy of Cuba in Ukraine and personally to Natacha Díaz Aguilera, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cuba to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova;

Tatiana Fernández de los Santos, director of RESTAURA Company of Architecture and Urban Planning Projects;

Lohania Cruz, deputy director of RESTAURA, the Office of the City Historian  in Havana, for assisting in organization and filming of interviews;

Magda Resik Aguirre, journalist, communications director at the Office of the City Historian and Havana Radio;

Ciro Bianchi Ross, Cuban journalist and essayist, Rebelde columnist, Prensa Latina reporter;

Rita María Yebra García, architect, president of UNAIC — National Council of Construction Engineers and Architects, Doctor of Technical Sciences at the University of Havana;

Gerardo Alfonso, Cuban performer and composer;

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the Republic of Belarus for the contribution to the production of the documentary;

Zenaida Castro Romeu, director of a Cuban orchestra and chorus for the permission to use her video and her song.

We also thank Guramma Italiana restaurant for providing their location for filming.

CUBA. Creative essence of the Cuban Soul | Documentary. Episode 1

Official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Ukraine

Video material used in the documentary film: Camerata Romeu – Celebration „La Habana 500“ – A Classical Welcome
Camerata Romeu

Music used in the documentary film: Sólo el Amor
Silvio Rodríguez

AllatRa TV

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