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Hierarchy of Consciousness

Hierarchy of consciousness. The invisible world: why does a person react to people in different ways? What actually interests him in people? Why is consciousness not interested in the attention of just any person? Why do we feel very bad after talking to some people about nothing special? What urges people to dominate each other? Who in a human is responsible for the development of talent? How does unconscious manipulation occur among people? How does the consciousness of a famous person influence the crowd, and what is the hidden mechanism of this kind of influence? The other side of the coin: what is the behavior of popular bloggers based upon? What begets addiction to social media? How do people steal each other’s attention?

What role does the dominance of either primary or secondary consciousness in a person play in the hierarchy of this world? How does consciousness create a world of illusions and force a person to waste his life on it? How do pridefulness and an illusion of exaltation arise? What does a human waste his life, time, and attention on? Why does consciousness hold a person’s attention on his past?

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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