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HOLY MARY. CREATING POWER OF LOVE | Kaleidoscope of Facts 12

On July 13, 2021, at 15:00 GMT, a significant 12th international online conference “KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. HOLY MARY. CREATING POWER OF LOVE” will be held.

Over centuries and millennia, there has been something that keeps uniting all people. It is that something thanks to which this world and life in it appeared. At all times, on all the continents, we find evidence of the knowledge about the creating power of Love and about those who brought it into our world. They have numerous names, but the essence is one — the Holy Mary, the Keeper and Giver of Life.

What do we know about Her?

🔷 What is the connection between the Holy Mary and the Great Mother?

🔷 What knowledge of ancient peoples is at the basis of worshipping the Divine feminine principle — the Great Mother?

🔷 How developed were our ancestors?

🔷 Signs and symbols as a means to transfer knowledge

🔷 What did the prophets say about the Holy Mary at different times?

🔷 Why green and blue are considered to be the colours of the Holy Mary? Physics of colour.

🔷 Deep inner feelings as a means to communicate with the other world.

🔷 What the most precious gift can a human receive from the Mother of God?

🔷 Creative Society. The Holy Mary as an example of peace and creation.

“Everything holy is Spirit. And Holy Mary is the Greatest Spirit,” said Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. From the video “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive

The Holy Mary. She is beyond any concepts or religious ideas. She is close to every human.

It is time to bring the truth back to people!

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