Honesty is in front of my-self. Why do I listen to consciousness?

I decided to share the answers that I found when I answered honestly to myself:
Why do I listen to consciousness? Why do I listen to the voice in my head? Why take part in the dialogue in the imagination? Why do I pay attention and see what the mind shows in my thoughts?

The first thing that I wrote down in my notebook was:
“Because I’m used to it. It is a habit. Now I need to develop the habit of being in feelings, while observing what is happening around, being in the moment here and now. Because past is gone already, but the future is not there yet, there is only “here and now,” – everything at first sight is simple, beautiful and understandable.

But I felt that this was not all. I remembered about the honesty with myself and recommendations from the group leader – to record the very first thing that comes, and then again ask yourself a question. Therefore, several times I read the questions to which the following answers were found:

“I do what the mind says because I’m used to being a slave, because it’s easier when someone is guiding me, and I just do what he says, what he wants, what he likes, what he benefits from. I shift responsibility for myself and my life to others, and do so in all spheres. In class I wait for the leader to say what I’m doing, and I’m waiting for the moment when he again tells me what to do, instead of asking myself. At home, I do what my wife says, I have shifted all responsibility to her. At work – “I am Dumping on” the leaders , that they have created the wrong plan, too big (but with them I do not speak about it). It’s just easier … I’m comfortable listening to the mind. ”


  1. There is someone to blame, why I’m not yet an Angel – because the consciousness attacks heavily and does not allow to Live by the Spiritual World;
  2. No need to get out of the comfort zone into the unknown. I just do everything that consciousness says, but everything is patterned;
  3. There is someone to shift responsibility to for the bad deeds that distract me from God: I said aggressively to my wife: “I’m busy! “When she wanted to kiss. Then I said in justification: “This is the reaction of consciousness!”;
  4. There is an opportunity in imaginary dialogues to demonstrate my importance. (After a conflict or losing situation, the situation is played in the imagination in a different way, as if I already come out the winner of it);
  5. It (consciousness) supports the illusion of my greatness and significance. (“I am the chosen one, holy, enlightened …”)

Asked myself the question: “what do I do?”

  1. BE IN LOVE;
  2. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions, your life. Only I am responsible for all the results in my life;
  3. In life, be guided only by the feelings of the Soul, listen to them, and act upon these feelings;
  4. Pay attention only to what is happening inside;
  5. If I feel that something is wrong, ask, recognize and decide right away, talk about it openly, and not postpone for later, or hope that I will keep silent, and then it will resolve on its own.

That’s such an experience.

Author: Igor Z.

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