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How Can a Person Believe in Oneself?

How to believe in oneself? Every person asks himself this question. Meanwhile, despite numerous recommendations from psychologists, almost all people are prone to doubts and do not believe in themselves.

This video provides answers to questions of why this happens and what you should do so that belief in yourself would become your usual state:

  • What does the first step begin with?
  • What is the whole meaning and depth of human development?
  • What happens to a person when he doesn’t study himself?
  • Why later means never, and why is the present moment important for a person?
  • Why is everything formed within a human, and what specific tool creates our reality?
  • What inside a human prevents him from being happy and turns his life into hell?
  • Where does the main enemy of a human hide?
  • In pursuit of what does a human lose his life and faith in himself?
  • What is the inner freedom of a human in reality?
  • How to gain inner freedom and faith in oneself?

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov shares the primordial Knowledge. He clarifies these essential questions and gives simple and efficient practical advice on how to believe in oneself and gain inner freedom!

Watch the full version of the video “True Heroes” with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt from which is presented herein.

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