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How Can Humanity Survive the Climate Crisis?

Climate emergency is already an obvious reality. Today, even if all people unite, they will not be able to stop what is coming. BUT they will be able to survive.

✔️ Can people unite in the current consumer society?

✔️ What will this unification lead to?

✔️ What are some people, who are joining small armed groups, getting ready for?

✔️ Are they preparing to save humanity?

✔️ What does the second level of climate change, that we have reached, mean?

✔️ Are scientists correct in predicting that in 50 years 3.5 billion people will become climate refugees?

✔️ Are we, as a society, ready to accommodate so many climate refugees?

✔️ What does the phrase “the living will envy the dead” mean?

✔️ What will become the most valuable asset during the climate crisis?

✔️ How can the Creative Society format help humanity survive and develop our civilization to a new level?



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