Diamond of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

How can Islam help create a worthy civilization? Alikhaji Saigidguseinov

The project is hosted by Alikhaji Saigidguseinov.
Theologian, alim, author of various religious books.

This issue covers the following topics:

00:00 Introduction.
00:16 How is the word “insan” formed and how is it explained?
01:31 What should people remember to avoid mistakes?
02:30 How does Allah exalt a person?
03:48 Are there any differences between people of different faiths, in which sura one can read about it?
06:30 Why are all Prophets – brothers?
09:30 Aim of sending the Prophets.
10:14 What did the last Prophet have to accomplish?
12:39 Why, despite the difference in cultures, is our civilization one?
12:57 What did all the Prophets teach?
13:30 Why can’t we be called a true civilization?
14:25 What is the role of Islam in eradicating ignorance?
15:00 What qualities of society contradict true civilization?
15:49 Why is it so important to have knowledge?
16:26 How did the Messenger of Allah and his companions set an example of communicating with people of different faiths?
18:18 How does a case of life show the importance of showing humanity in communicating with each other?
21:05 What is a great misfortune for a person?
21:28 What is the importance of displaying human qualities even in everyday situations?
22:56 What does true religion offer?
23:51 Why is there less and less good character today?
24:27 What is the significance of religion in the organization of civilization?
25:42 How was mankind exalted by Allah?
26:41 What must a person do to build a true civilization?
27:42 Which verse confirms that religion is one for all?
29:09 What did all the messengers and prophets come with?
29:32 What was the aim of Sharia?
30:16 Does religion justify war?
30:29 Why does Allah exalt only man?
32:15 Why is killing a person a crime against Allah?
32:57 Is it possible to force a person to accept a religion?
34:33 Who is the most sacred person on earth after religion?
36:15 Is an understanding of religion a great blessing to a man?

Diamond of the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) is an international volunteer project, whose goal is to popularize Islam all over the world! It is a Muslim project, implemented by the Muslims themselves for the good of Islam. It is an open platform for all Muslims from which Muslims can tell the world about the real Islam. Within the framework of this project Muslims themselves (both clerics and ordinary Muslims) tell the public truthful information about the realities of Islam. Truly, this project is the project of all Muslims! And every Muslim who is not indifferent to the destiny of Islam can become a part of this process, InshaAllah, that pleases Allah the Almighty! As the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) said: “If Allah the Almighty through your actions or words will lead even one person to the Truth, then it is more valuable than anything the sun shines with its rays.”

Dear brothers and sisters, if you would like to take part in the “Diamond of the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ)” project , if you inspired by the opportunity to speak freely to the world about the beauty and depth of Islam, or if you have any questions or ideas and suggestions for the development of the project of all muslims, then please email us at:
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