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How did our planet turn into a garbage dump?

We live in a huge landfill. You probably don’t see it from your window, but the air, the water, the land – everything is poisoned by rubbish. Garbage is everywhere, from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. We have turned our planet into a garbage dump.

Our methods of waste disposal are the same as they were in ancient Athens. The world’s landfills are overflown with garbage and there is NO MORE SPACE c there. The waste decomposes, releases methane and other chemicals, and constantly poisons soil and air. The landfill gas goes into the groundwater, and then into bodies of water, from which drinking water is later taken.

We sort garbage by type of product and implement the most complex projects to clean up the ocean. But what ultimately happens to this raw material? To date, we do not know how to dispose of waste without harming the environment, and the percentage of recycling is very low because it is not economically justified in most industries.

And all this happens against the backdrop of massive overproduction. We consume more and more, without noticing that we soon find ourselves buried under our own garbage…

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