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How does a person call demons into his or her life? Shadow Control. Eyewitness stories. Lilia

How is a demon called into one’s life? What is shadow control? These and many other questions are discussed in a new episode of the project Shadow Control. Eyewitness Stories on ALLATRA TV.

You will hear another real story of how a person can connect his or her life with a demon. The name of this episode’s character is Lilia, and she will tell us how shadows appeared in her life and what had preceded that. Lilia’s experience is very educative and, unfortunately, not unique. It’s a frank story of how a person gets into a trap without being aware of it and becomes mere food for creatures from the invisible world. Lilia describes her thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in detail. She frankly and openly shares her personal and even intimate experience, and sincerely talks about that what was just killing her during several years.

As a matter of fact, some people live keeping up a connection with a demon since their childhood. How to help oneself when nobody can help? Situations when a person remains one-on-one with his or her problem are rather widespread. Yet, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t even have anyone to discuss it with. People don’t believe in such stories if they haven’t faced that.

Such videos as Shadow Control. Eyewitness Stories greatly help people. The topics of human connection with demons, which this project is dedicated to, are not discussed in the mainstream media; it is not even customary to talk about this among relatives and friends. That is why these episodes are so important and valuable. Very often, when facing manifestations of shadows (demons or creatures), people simply don’t know why this happens, being unaware that they themselves call demons into their lives. And the main thing is that they don’t know how to get rid of the impact of these invisible forces.

So, in this episode you will discover:

  • The story of Lilia’s life.
  • Demons in human life. Visits of shadows.
  • How and why it happens.
  • What actions by a person work as a call of demons into his or her life.
  • Why desires and fantasies about what you desire are so dangerous.
  • Is sex connected with the visits of shadows?
  • Succubi and incubi: myth or reality?
  • Can demons physically impact a person?
  • What tools of protection against demons really work.
  • What a person should know in order to avoid the invisible world intrusion into his or her life.
  • Shadow control — is it possible?

This project proves by real examples that the invisible world exists, it is extremely dangerous for humanity and leads to death. Yet, most importantly, this project helps people to break free from this vicious circle, to get rid of demons, and to gain peace and happiness.

The topic of invisible creatures is discussed in great detail in one of the videos with I.M. Danilov The Invisible World as well as in the video series Within the Limits of Reality. Please, send your stories to ALLATRA TV email address 


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