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How Does Prayer Turn Into Magic? What Is True Prayer?

Can prayer be the first step on the path to spiritual liberation? What is actually the first impetus on this path? What is the purpose of prayer? Why are there lots of magic prayers in the modern world? When did substitutions in prayers occur? Prayer and incantation: what is the difference? What did the prophets say about true prayer? Why did the prophets forbid practicing magic: what is the danger? Prayer and fulfillment of wishes: what is the substitution? Why do resentment and anger towards other people arise in everyday life, and how can we overcome these obstacles on the spiritual path?

Why should you not ask God for anything but spiritual salvation? Why does God see only Love? What does it mean to feel the world of God? What is true Life and true Love?

True prayer is an awakening of the divine component in every person! When you truly go to God, He rushes towards you!

Watch the full version of the video “Dispute or Dialogue?” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, an excerpt from which is presented herein.

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