How not to catch the coronavirus?

Dear brothers and sisters, today, the word coronavirus is probably the most widespread word in the media. And in this release of the video series “Islam: Religion of Love” we will talk about simple and publicly available ways to fight the “coronavirus” (COVID-19), which have been shared by Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

These recipes are very simple and thus extremely effective. By applying them, you will be able to secure yourselves and your dear and near ones against the coronavirus as well as any other viruses harmful for the human body.

For those people who know who Igor Mikhailovich actually is, there will be nothing amazing in the fact that these methods and recipes produce wonderful results. After all, the Wisdom of the One Who is called Imam Mahdi in Islam relates to all spheres of human existence. Therefore, His advice and recommendations are useful both for a person’s spiritual development and for what concerns the physical aspects of our sojourn in this world. Gratitude to Allah the Almighty for His Grace and Mercy and for the One Who is helping humanity today, fulfilling Allah’s Will!


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