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How Not to Go to Hell? | Kaleidoscope of Facts 27

What awaits a person after the death of the physical body? Are you ready to get an answer to this important question? In the new episode of the unique research project Kaleidoscope of Facts, you will learn something that will change your ideas about the after-death fate of a person and how the dead affect the lives of living people.

Reincarnation exists! Amazing facts and shocking stories about past life memories

  • Immortality. What are its features?
  • Conscious rebirth. Occult knowledge of the Ahnenerbe and the SS
  • Active subpersonalities. Who are they?
  • How do the estates of deceased relatives affect living ones?
  • Treasures: luck or curse?
  • Who really rules the world?
  • How to protect yourself from the negative impact that the dead can have on the living through the inherited property?
  • Allathyar Law How not to go to hell?
  • How can we close the access of the dead to the world of the living?

It’s time for the truth! It’s time to give the world back to the alive!

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov:

“Legacy of the Dead”


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