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How to Attain Peace?

Video about the ancient knowledge of what “the tithe of attention” is, how to safeguard oneself against the world of the dead, how to attain eternal Peace, and how to gain Life. Knowledge of the circumstances that EVERY PERSON will face sooner or later.

Life after death. What happens and what does a person experience before and after the death of his physical body? Transitional states. During what time does the process of soul reincarnation take place? How to self-identify who you are? What is behind the fear of death? What should one know about the world of the dead and the living? How to safeguard oneself against the world of the dead? Why does a sense of guilt towards a deceased person arise? How to get rid of suffering? How to live through the death of a near and dear person? What do the 9 days mean for a person after the death of his physical body? Why is the period between the 8th and the 17th day important for a newborn baby? Interesting facts about soul reincarnation. Physics of the process: how does a population decrease negatively affect the spiritual development of the future community?

The importance of investing attention. History of the tithe origin? What law did the Allat’hiara introduce and why? How to attain Peace? What is a “sleeping subpersonality”? Does subpersonality have memory? How did people (in the time of Allat’hiara) earn their Peace after death?

The importance of spiritual development for a human. Is it possible to earn forgiveness through prayers? Does a “sinful person” have a chance of spiritual salvation? Can a person earn Peace in old age if he has encountered the Knowledge late and realizes that he will not have time to become saved? How to attain spiritual salvation? How to become Alive? How does a person become an Angel during his lifetime? How does the understanding of the primordial Knowledge influence the future of a person and of humanity as a whole?


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