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How to Become a Strong Personality?

What is a strong Personality? What is the difference between a weak and a strong Personality? Every Personality has an inherent aspiration for spiritual development, an aspiration to return Home (to the Spiritual World), and every human being as a Personality feels this. What should people begin their spiritual development with, and what is the most difficult stage on the spiritual path? How does consciousness (shaitan, satan) manipulate, mislead, and deceive a person? Who in us lies? An example of a stereotypical pattern in the work of consciousness: how friends betray each other in business. Who controls a person’s thoughts?

Why is it important for a person to understand who he is and become a strong Personality? What is the right way to pray so that God would hear you? What is service, and what is its essence? How do we understand what the will coming from the Spiritual World is? Why do Christians in some countries call God Allah and praise Him just like Muslims? Why is a spiritually strong Personality capable of a lot? What is the true goal of human life?

We live in amazing times when more and more power comes to every Personality from the Spiritual World. During this period, many people become stronger as a Personality.

Videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov

From Hell into Heaven


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