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How to build a stable economy where people are free to do what they truly want? Dr.Lloyd Jeff Dumas

AllatRa TV reporters had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas, Professor of Political Economy, Economics, and Public Policy in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at the UT-Dallas.

Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas has published seven books and more than 100 articles in 11 languages in books and journals of economics, engineering, sociology, history, public policy, military studies, and peace science, as well as in such newspapers/magazines like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, Science magazine, Boston Globe, Technology Review, Defense News, and the Dallas Morning News.

Professor Dumas has spoken at some 200 conferences and special lectures since 1980, including symposium sponsored by the Sandia Nuclear Weapons Laboratories, the Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Laboratories, the State Department, the United Nations and the Soviet Academy of Sciences, as well as professional meetings of economists, sociologists, political scientists, physicists, engineers, historians, physicians, management scientists, philosophers, teachers, labor unions and members of Congress.

In the interview for AllatRa TV Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas shares his knowledge about:

  • How can we make our society more stable economically?
  • Scientists’ knowledge of human development?
  • Why do the modern economy and society have a dead-end consumer format and how to change it?
  • How to build a good economy and society where people have the freedom to do what they truly love?
  • Limitation of capital for individuals and their benefit.
  • How important is it in today’s society for people to understand and start taking responsibility for the financial decision?

“If everybody learned to love each other, it’s literally true, we’d have a much better world” — Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas.

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