No to violence in the family and society

How to deal with violence and intervene in a conflict

An engineer from Calgary (Canada) Sahba Akbari shared his sincere and well-grounded opinion on the issue of violence in society in his interview for ALLATRA TV within the framework of a social project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY”.  

Sincere answers to the questions why violence occurs in society and how to react to the manifestation of violence when you witness it. Interesting examples from life experience. 
Sahba believes that only through self-awareness of each person we, as a society, can get rid of such a primitive, animalistic phenomenon as violence. 
He also focuses on the fact that it is empathy what is needed, not accusations, and this is the first step to find a way out. People should have empathy for both sides of conflict and remain non-judgemental and impartial when trying to intervene.

Official website of the international new format social project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY”:

AllatRa TV

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