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How to help the Personality under information pressure.

You say that the situation is serious, that the Personality is under information and not only pressure. How to help the Personality? (1:56:35)

Igor Mikhailovich: If we help the Personality with the help of consciousness, then we will aggravate its condition. There are many different practices, this has been said a thousand times. There is such a program, called “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY”. That’s just the answer to this question.

From the program “THE INVISIBLE WORLD

In connection with the development of Internet technologies, media, obsessive advertising, neuromarketing – people are experiencing a huge information pressure. There is a popularization of material values, the cultivation of consumer ideology. Most psychological techniques are aimed at managing people. That is, we see how the system of the Animal Intelligence enslaves people, acting secretly through their consciousness.

The answers to these questions are set forth in the film “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. FROM THE OUTSIDE OF THE DEAD TO ETERNAL LIVING “, which was released on the channel of the international volunteer television ALLATRA TV.

This film is a huge help to the Personality, it exposes the system and touches upon the practical issues of Spiritual Development as an individual and the whole society as a whole. After all, changes in society begin with one person. In the film, the tools for working on themselves, which were known from ancient times, were discussed in detail.

Contact with the TRUTH is also a real help to the Personality!

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