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How to Overcome Selfishness and Lack of Self-Confidence?

How to Overcome Selfishness and Lack of Self-Confidence is an important question of the spiritual path.

This video reveals practical experience and provides answers to frequently asked questions of people following the spiritual path and wishing to cognize themselves:
🔹 How to overcome self-doubt?
🔹 What is selfishness?
🔹 Why are all people selfish?
🔹 How to get rid of selfishness?
🔹 Where does self-doubt come from, where are the roots of self-doubt?
🔹 What does uncertainty mean?
🔹 Why do we strive to get love from everyone?
🔹 Why do doubts and fears arise on the spiritual path?
🔹 Fear of the unknown, how to overcome it
🔹 How to let yourself to love?

One who walks the road will make it. Anyone has this opportunity to become Alive, loving and happy.

Learn more from the video “In Search of Oneself” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, a fragment of which is presented herein.

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