After a large number of experiments, the positive impact of the AllatRa sign became clearly visible. And we want to talk about the specifics of its placement.

First, let’s talk a little bit about the signs themselves.

The black AllatRa sign on white background activates (strengthens) the positive in a person, and the white AllatRa sign on black background neutralizes the negative (magical) influence on the person’s consciousness.

The sign can help a person, but it does not cancel the fact that he must control his own thoughts and emotional states. The sign weakens external negative influences, but it cannot remove the negativity that the person himself manifests.

The AllatRa sign works on the principle of a lantern and, therefore, the larger the sign and the better it is illuminated, the greater the area of its effect.

Signs using other colors are not working because the contrast of black and white is important.

Two different types of signs should not be placed together! It is the consumerist attitude of people that encourages them to use two signs at the same time. A person’s desire to get everything and at once without making his own efforts, so that there would be both positive and negative. The work of the sign is based on the person’s right of choice. If a person is in the negative state (he himself chose it), then the black sign on a white background will be neutral to him. A sign of this type will reinforce the positive that is already present in a person. If we are talking about negative influence, a white sign on a black background will work when the person himself does not want to invest attention in negativity, and it is imposed on him from the outside. Therefore, a lot depends on the person himself. It is best to place the same type of sign in the room. To keep the AllatRa sign working at night, it is necessary to illuminate it with any source of light.

Let’s consider what should be the AllâtRa sign so that it remains working.

The sign must be two-dimensional, that is, applied to a plane. Three-dimensional images do not work, including statuettes and sculptures. They are just symbols.

Also an important point is that there should be no breaks in the outline of the sign image. There should not be any images in the circle and crescent.

Those who are interested and want to observe the effects of the AllatRa sign or conduct experiments on their own, you can download it on the website Good in Action in the Road Experiment section.

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