How to renew warm relationships between neighbors?

A couple of centuries ago people did not even close the door for the night, especially those living in rural areas; they warmly received any walker, who was travelling at night time. The generally accepted standard of conduct of a good and kind man was mutual assistance as well as help to each other, ranging from borrowing a tool for work for some time to psychological help – a tea-table quality talk. Many Slavic and Oriental nations still keep with this good tradition and consider it to be a natural phenomenon these days. And what about Western Europe?

This summer, in order to revive the ancient tradition Switzerland set up the “Pumpipumpe” project. The project is aimed at rebuilding friendly relations in society, starting small – with warm relations between neighbors. The first step under the project was taken when people began to put special stickers depicting various subjects on their mailboxes. Thus, a landlord showed what domestic or other device he could share with neighbors.

One could see stickers of household devices, toys, clothing, tools, things for hiking, internet access code and even a telescope! A man simply put stickers of all things, which he or she was ready to share. And one could borrow the necessary thing simply by knocking on the right door.

Therefore, through the initiative of Western European citizens themselves friendly relationships between people are being restored and strengthened in society, mutual understanding is improving. Everyone tries to do what one can for the sake of a new friend! However, people have moved beyond stickers. On the Internet, a similar project has been created. As a result, not only neighbors, but also any resident of the city is able to find information about offered help! The Swiss and Germans can order these stickers for free.

Modern civilization has made its changes in the relationships between people related to the rapid dissemination of information. In fact, this way of mutual assistance through the Internet exists almost in every country. For example, there are sections “Exchange” or “Giveaway” on many ads websites.

Slavic peoples have been inherently possessing such open and trust relationships. If you look at our ancient history, you will see that the main treasure for the Slavs, as for many other nations, was spiritual riches. Even the word “wealth” (богатство) did not mean something material for Slavic peoples. Its original meaning was “God and you”, “God is in you,” “You are in God”. The true value of a person was understood as spiritual wealth, because it is not corruptible, it has no boundaries, it is inexhaustible. Through mutual assistance, help and support you are able to share your inner treasure. In recent years, we have been lacking good sincere relations between people when their hearts talk rather than their bodies. No wonder that the Slavic peoples have such an expression as “from heart to heart.”

Everyone feels some connections, and above all – a spiritual one. Many simply do not know each other. We can be friends with people from other entrances, courtyards, houses, streets, cities and countries, and this has been proven by time. And each house always welcomes a good guest.

The world is full of good people willing to help each other and share with each other. They are ready to help primarily in spiritual terms, because it is much more important than all the material things that eventually turn into dust. Yet, because of shyness and low sociability, many people suppress this inner need.

Projects, like the Swiss one, just help European people remember of a simple human, pure friendship, they help to unite in mutual support, they bring people together. It remains only to expand sphere of friendly relations from consumer measures to spiritual and creative ones of a global scale, when each inhabitant of the planet will become your “neighbor,” a close friend in the spiritual and cultural terms.

Internet technologies may contribute to it. Imagine how the world would change when friendship and mutual understanding made it go around! And it all starts small, especially when someone decided to share and help, he or she became an example of pure kindness! Each person has unique knowledge, ideas and skills. Just do not be afraid. After all, the one who selflessly does good deeds gets much greater wealth – spiritual riches.

The 7th foundation of the ALLATRA global partnership agreement says:

“One should not look for spiritual riches in the outside world, for they are within man and in his spiritual and moral transformation in his feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. If an active person, being immersed in the thick of this mundane world, lives inside by the riches of the spiritual world, then his wisdom will know no bounds in the earthly achievements, as well, and all his deeds will be closely connected with the original meaning of his life.

All earthly riches are transient and changeable in the dust of human existence. The desire for personal gain bears the burden of endless problems, which quickly drains man of his strength. The desire to gain temporary earthly power creates dreams of pleasures and the grief of killing oneself already during life. The sincere desire to overcome one’s earthly nature as well as real spiritual self-development uplift man above selfhood and open a great depository of the spiritual riches. Then, whatever the outcome of the earthly life is – in your Life you are already a Winner!”

Arina Kalinina

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