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How to save my Soul?

There are readers who have been naturally gifted with the ability to feel manifestations of the invisible world slightly more than ordinary people. At that, they usually hide their abilities from others. Mainly, these are quite clever people who have already “established themselves in life” in the human understanding: they have brought up children, achieved a certain social status, became prominent experts in their fields, and received academic degrees. However, they haven’t discovered the main meaning of their lives – what they intuitively feel inside themselves – in these human achievements. And they worry about this. They try to find an answer to this question which is important to them, to understand themselves and their Souls, and thus to determine the direction of the main vector of their lives. They lack Knowledge in order to understand their essence, how to live in this world, and how to prepare themselves for the afterlife. After all, some of them, after experiencing the manifestations of the invisible world and gaining priceless personal experience, have already radically changed their worldview. The main question these people ask is: “How to save my Soul?” I think that they and even future generations, which will come into contact with this Knowledge, will be very grateful if you answer this main question, which is vital for every human.

Rigden: How to save your Soul? Actually, there is nothing complicated here if you really strive for this in your everyday life, if you know and understand your own Soul and, hence, the reason for your existence. For this, you certainly need Knowledge about yourself and your nature and also about the main action in human life – work on oneself. The seeds of different sprouts of his essence are concealed in a human but only one of them is true. Why is the human, while looking for the meaning of his coming into the world, so concerned with the mystery of life until the very departure from it? Because even though he is here temporarily, he has the power to change his nature. The meaning of human’s sojourn in this world is spiritual growth, the aspiration to leave the state of the material belittling of consciousness for spiritual elevation, transformation, and soaring to his purpose and flourishing of all the best that is in him. When a human acquires wings of self-development, they elevate him to the heights of perceiving the Truth, qualitatively transforming his nature.

From the book “AllatRa” by A. Novykh

AllatRa TV

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