Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship within Yourself

How to stop negative thoughts and start feeling Love and positivity

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How to make your consciousness do what you need

Igor Mikhailovich: Are there any more questions?

Teya: Could you clarify? You’ve said that if consciousness doesn’t do what you need, then you should stop giving it attention. What does it imply? Could you clarify?

Igor Mikhailovich: Attention in what? Well, I’ve just answered.

Teya: To stop giving it attention, if it’s possible to…

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, for example, you need some solution, any, let’s take – to invent a new engine. So, it must be busy with inventing a new engine. Clearly, consciousness must control all vital processes and the like.

But as soon as aggression comes from it, you begin to think as much as possible, I emphasize, to think and to admit only those thoughts which relate to beauty, happiness, joy and everything else, and nothing more.

And you also leave a part of financing for the invention of that engine or for calculation of something, or for learning some language. And that’s all. This is very simple. It’s just denial and non-perception of what it imposes on you, no matter what it imposes on you.

It will be telling you, “If you don’t stand up right now, you’ll die.” You know, how it is: if you don’t realise that you are Alive, then you will die for sure. Therefore start Living, then you won’t die. But if you listen to consciousness, you’ll surely die.

Load your mind to stop negative thoughts

Teya: But at the same time dealing even with some projects, when consciousness is loaded…

Igor Mikhailovich: It must be loaded, and it must work. And the more it is loaded, the less you as Personality are loaded.

But, after all, at such moments it doesn’t catch you on implementation of projects or on something else, on execution of work, no. It catches you on your self-evaluation, on the fact that someone’s bad, by palming off negativity.

Let’s take even implementation of some joint projects: “some people are good, they do something, while others don’t do”. There should be understanding, but not judgement. And once it begins to judge, tighten the leash right away, “Everything is great and wonderful! And you are doing this and that.” If it has too little work, force it to learn a language which you don’t know.

And then it will understand that it’s better not to play about, because it is fed with such number of calories  while being forced to do much more work. Trust me, it calculates very well.

90% of your attention should be spent on your spiritual development

Teya: That is, while performing this… consciousness is performing this action, but again, going back to those 90% of attention, meaning, you don’t just load it, but this very process…

Igor Mikhailovich: You invest 90% of attention in your spiritual development, namely in Love and in communication, in feeling of the Spiritual World and feeling of Angels around, meaning, the Angelic nature in people.

Even if, like I say, this little Angel is in the state of a chicken plucked by a Chihuahua, but this Being is there, everyone has It, there’s hope. And so… That’s what is important, you see?

While 10% of the power of attention is more than enough for you to keep consciousness loaded 24 hours a day with ten thousand projects simultaneously.

Well, I’ve blurted this small number, simply out of thin air – ten thousand. Maybe more, you see? And it will cope with everything because it has no choice.

But if it begins to throw in something bad and tries to dominate, to dictate, this means the amount of attention should be decreased, and you should reside in relations with the Spiritual World even more, and everything works out then.

This is very simple indeed. Well, let’s say, when it works out, you do understand this. But when you get confused, when it distracts you here, consciousness… And why?

I’m answering once again: everything is very simple, it has diverted you to something, you have lost freedom, precisely spiritual freedom, and invested the power of attention in your consciousness in improper way in greater amount than needed. And it has immediately seized you, and it begins to manipulate you.

And all your projects will immediately stop because you are preoccupied only with yourself, only with thinking over “how poor and miserable you are, and you can do nothing and won’t be able to do anything, and you are engaging in nonsense, and generally speaking you should just go and, I don’t know, clean the floor, for you are capable of nothing more”.

It’s not shameful to clean the floor. And since consciousness has proposed this, you lift it by its ear and force it to clean the floor in addition to doing everything else. And next time it won’t throw in such jokes. Everything falls into place.

Zhanna: Well, yes, it happens so in life that when you really begin to… Well, everything comes down to human pride. But if…

Consciousness is nothing but a smart program – it’s not alive, not yourself

Igor Mikhailovich: Do you know what the trouble is? The trouble is that people treat consciousness as something alive.

Tatiana and Zhanna: Right.

Igor Mikhailovich: While it’s not alive, it’s a program. And it’s an artful program written by a very clever and competent (Zh: Programmer) programmer, yes. It creates semblance, an illusion of the alive for everyone, and it replaces and substitutes everything.

And a person perceives this as an integral part of oneself, as oneself (Zh: Yes, yes, yes), and as something alive. But it’s not alive. It’s a program.

Zhanna: Hence there’s pity exactly for the system.

Igor Mikhailovich: Pity for oneself (Zh: For oneself, yes, but…) as for a part of the system, simply because identification goes in this direction. Well, that’s how it happens. But again, it’s a security program, and it must be.

And I’ll put it simpler: thanks to such programs, well, say, an immature being cannot come to the Spiritual World, you see? If such program worked here in three-dimensionality, and an immature fruit didn’t fall from a tree, well, it would be great, there would be fewer Newtons in this world.

Lotus Flower spiritual practice as a tool to focus on Love and positivity

Anna: The first step. If a person who hasn’t yet come into contact, but he wants to, he understands that there is something here, how can he feel it?

I’ve remembered the Lotus Flower practice from Sensei of Shambala. Book I and precisely its essence that when… After all, everyone experienced such moments of sincere happiness in his or her life, even not expecting this. And that you like save it in such a piggy bank; at some point you pay attention exactly to them and even start giving back.

That is, not just to feel them, but you already as if share this. And I’ve also remembered that in THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN video one of the girls, a participant, when public survey was conducted, she answered that a person should have personal time for God.

That is precisely… And here’s the question. Meaning, how important it is that a person, who really wants to, would allocate this time in order to simply reinforce this component of feelings with his attention (IM: Well, it’s a must). Even by means of memories as a starting point, like, having remembered those moments…

Igor Mikhailovich: Here we take banal tools, right? After all, what is the Lotus Flower spiritual practice? At the initial stage, it’s merely, let’s say, a work at the level of consciousness, but well-funded with attention, right? But which is tuned for good, for positivity.

After all, no matter how paradoxical it sounds, most people don’t even know what love is. You see? It all comes down to power, to manipulation and to some kind of emotions against the background of hormonal surges.

That’s the whole understanding of love. Or it comes down to attachment, to submission, basically, a complete perversion, but all this is at the level of the three-dimensional plane, let’s put it so.

And precisely for this we need such tools as the primary Lotus Flower. After all, the Lotus Flower spiritual practice begins with a banal, sort of autogenic training and ends with spiritual practice. It is boundless.

And I emphasize that the life of a modern human won’t allow reaching the depth of full understanding of this… this spiritual practice.

Why? There isn’t enough time, and a person, no matter how talented he or she is, in fact, won’t be able to fully discover the Lotus Flower as a practice. But it gives a good understanding. This is the easiest and the simplest tool that answers many questions.

And you have basically answered them yourself. Of course, a person should allocate time when he is in a fuss, but he feels that there is something. He must devote personal time to spiritual practices, he must perform them.

Well, how can it be otherwise? In order to settle down one’s consciousness a little, to think, in order to choose, say, positivity, not negativity, one must stop in the course of everyday life.

Well, life hurries him up, while he simply needs time. Even to set an alarm clock at least five or ten times a day, “Who are you, and what are you doing now?”

And here to think about something beautiful. Here are simple techniques that lead to the understanding that you are a Personality, that you possess a certain degree of freedom, that you can understand something. Well, it’s a must. How can it be otherwise? (Zh: If there is a goal…). On the simplest path. Right. (Zh: … then he will do everything to achieve it).

You start feeling Spiritual World when you develop as Personality

Igor Mikhailovich: But, you see, another trouble is that we often talk and give global answers. And we talk at the level of what people feel and understand. We are missing a lot of such simple, elementary things, and for people this is already a misunderstanding: “How?”

Why? Because we perceive, well… that people must feel. In fact, they do feel, they feel everything, but consciousness hinders them.

Even, pardon me, the smallest chicken, plucked and nibbled by these Chihuahuas, by a whole pack, it still feels. After all, we are one family, we all come from one power – it’s the power emanating from the Spiritual World, from the Soul. This power precisely begets a Personality. Well, it all interacts with each other.

And the connection here is huge, it is strong. But we cannot, until we realise that we are a Personality, until we develop, we cannot feel all this.

Consciousness is active, this world is like that. It all is arranged this way, it closes. And in order for people to start feeling each other, they must become free.

And when this state of freedom comes, then yes, everything will be easy to feel, then we can communicate on completely abstract topics while our consciousness is engaged in chatter. You see?

That is, in this respect. In the literal sense of chatter, but in attempt to bring at least a little bit of meaning into this chatter for helping others. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy for people to achieve this degree.

Why do you want telepathy if your own mind is full of absurd negative thoughts?

Igor Mikhailovich: And again, that perception through feelings is replaced by consciousness with telepathy for some reason, meaning, I should hear thoughts.

Well, there can be such a side effect. But what for? Well, believe me, you’ll hear nothing good. There are people who dream, so to say, of hearing thoughts. Guys, this the greatest curse possible. You can’t imagine how much dirt you will hear, including that about yourself.

There is nothing good in this. What do you need this “happiness” for? This load. In order to build an empire, to dictate to someone? Come on… The first thoughts you’ll hear will be that “you won’t succeed in doing anything, in dictating to anyone”.

Anna: Like you said, in order to hear thoughts, just listen to your own thoughts…

Igor Mikhailovich: Right, listen to your  own thoughts.

Tatiana: What does it want, right?

Zhanna: Is it really you who wants?

Igor Mikhailovich: The simplest way to possess, right, to learn telepathy is to listen to your own thoughts.

Zhanna: There will be a million times more of these negative absurd thoughts which…

Igor Mikhailovich: Yes.

Zhanna: …will hinder even more…

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, everything starts with this. It’s really so. Anna: As you’ve said, a person will understand that they are not him because inside he has something completely different. That is, how can this be him when he feels something entirely different inside, and when internally he strives for something totally different? And…

Igor Mikhailovich: Yes. But consciousness talks about something completely different. People say that a good psychiatrist would make a diagnosis here, whereas an honest psychiatrist would understand you because he has absolutely the same. Well…

Zhanna: He would tell you, “Don’t worry, my friend.”

Igor Mikhailovich: “You are normal”, yes?

Zhanna: You are normal.

Tatiana: There’s simply such a substitution that a person wants to know what the other person thinks instead of listening attentively to what he’s feeling right now.

Igor Mikhailovich: No. Or instead of listening attentively to what you yourself are thinking right now.

First step is to learn thinking about what’s good brushing aside negative thoughts

Igor Mikhailovich: I’m sorry, it’s also not that simple for a person just to offhand start listening attentively to what he thinks, to what thoughts are sent to him. And to sort this out. Well, that’s what we were talking about: notebooks, records, and all the rest. These are the first steps which a person should take.

Firstly, to learn to think about what’s good, brushing aside negative thoughts and writing down those negative and obsessive thoughts which try to make their way through. What for? After all, consciousness does nothing without a reason. It’s a program, an algorithm which is written in your life. They say, it’s fate. Guys, what fate? Well, you are creating your fate yourselves.

If today you’ve accepted a negative thought that your neighbour, let’s say, looked askance at you, and you should revenge him, this scoundrel, for example, by taking a dog for a walk to poop under his gate, right? Then, believe me, it’ll have an entire cycle of consequences. Eventually,  you won’t come to anything good if you made concessions to consciousness and started acting negatively under its dictation.


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