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Human and the Universe | Kaleidoscope of Facts 18

Have you ever wondered how the universe came to be? How does it work? Why does man exist in it?

Today there are many theories, but none of them give us a complete understanding of the structure of the Universe. Let’s try to find answers to the following questions together:

  • What are time, space, gravity, antigravity, and black holes?
  • What gives rise to life in a world of matter? How do parallel worlds arise and function?
  • Where did the point from which the universe was formed come from?
  • The nature of a human. Do we know everything about it? The material and spiritual components of a human.
  • Do human-like races inhabit other planets? The 10th planet of the solar system.
  • What conditions do humanity need for evolution and development as a civilization?
  • Cyclical processes in the Universe. Their effect on stars, planets, and each person’s life.

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