Freedom from Beast’s Dictatorship within Yourself

Human Consciousness Provokes you to Manipulate, Deceive and Doubt – Divine Love Gives Freedom and Life

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Always someone is offended, someone tries to provoke into offence – These are games of human consciousness

Zhanna: There is such a moment of people’s misunderstanding: how to communicate without complaints and without offences? A woman wrote a question, “How can I be around my relatives who provoke me into some offence, some bad emotions?” That is, consciousness accuses a person of something. And she, perceiving by consciousness, gets offended.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, in fact, it’s very simple. In a family or wherever a person is, one matter is always trying to dominate another matter. It doesn’t happen that when two animals meet, let’s say, that they exist peacefully. Always someone obeys someone else, and resistance is constantly going on. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a family, at work, in any team, wherever one is. Always someone is offended at someone, someone hurts someone. These are games, games of consciousness. This is the dictatorship of the beast. And if someone tries to provoke you or provokes into offence, yes, then why are you reacting? A simple question. And who is reacting in you? An Angel will not react. An animal reacts to animal’s reaction. Sorry, but if you control this process, control the thoughts that come to you from consciousness, and then your consciousness, your beast, tells you that you should be offended now because you’ve been looked upon not in the right way. Listen, I don’t care how the dog inside that person looked at me. Well, isn’t it so? (Zh: It is.)

Consciousness tells me that I should be offended

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, why should I be offended, excuse me, at this Chihuahua who didn’t look at me the right way? But my Chihuahua tells me that I should be offended… And that he’s an enemy. What kind of enemy? Why should I live by offence when I can live happily? After all, the Angelic component – that who the person really is. It… well, it won’t do anything bad to me. To me, let’s say, as that Divine part within the human being, too. Well, isn’t that right? Well, it is. While what animals don’t share among themselves doesn’t concern me. And when my consciousness says that I should somehow react with offence or that they try to harm me, they tell me, “Go do this”, and I’m getting into the position out of principle – well, this is the biggest nonsense that can be. Especially in the family. In the family, it is necessary to understand that there should be a distribution of labour and duties, and help is needed. And if you have started to understand at least a little bit, then you shouldn’t demand from your, let’s say, family members that they all suddenly become Angels because you decided to step on the spiritual path and still live under the dictation of your beast. It should be clearly distinguished from where, and who, and what dictates you. Well, isn’t it right?

We are provoked, and we provoke – Simply love more yourself

Zhanna: It is, one should try to be a human oneself. To act humanly oneself.

Igor Mikhailovich: First of all, one should become a human oneself, of course. And it should be understood that if the animal part of someone close to me responded to me like that, well, I can only laugh. Well, I’ve teased the Chihuahua in my relative. Well… Well, what can I do? Next time I should be more careful so that he doesn’t get very angry and doesn’t bite. Anyway, I’m not going anywhere, it’s a relative.

Zhanna: Well, yes. But he bites and teases only if we ourselves tease and bite him.

Igor Mikhailovich: If we provoke. That is absolutely correct.

Zhanna: We provoke. We are provoked, and we provoke.

Igor Mikhailovich: But if we communicate with that Chihuahua carefully, it will be tender and gentle. Right?

Zhanna: Yes. Simply to love more yourself.

Igor Mikhailovich: Not to provoke.

Zhanna: Not to provoke.

A human who lives under the dictation of consciousness loves power – but power is not love

Igor Mikhailovich: And to really love. And whom do we love: Chihuahua or Angel? We love that component in a person, which is really the Angelic part (Zh: Right), and not the animal one. Who would like a mad dog?

Zhanna: But often people simply confuse the concept of love with dictatorship.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, it’s just… If a person lives under the dictation of consciousness, then he loves power. But power is not love. One shouldn’t confuse Divine Love – the real one, the one giving Freedom and Life, with banal human, let’s say, claims coming from the person’s animal nature.

Why human consciousness wants to keep everything under control

Tatiana: Another common question from the audience is that they cannot get rid of such a point that they want to keep everything under control, some kind of planning. That if something gets out of control, they necessarily need to return it back to track, from which…

Igor Mikhailovich: But what for? And who wants this?

Tatiana: It’s comfortable.

Igor Mikhailovich: It’s a comfortable state of the animal component of the human oneself. The dog is comfortable this way, right, inside a person, so that everything would be in order: a bowl is in place, a bone is in place, so that everything would be the way it wants. Sorry, alive people are around. They are living. Everything is changing. Live simply.

Tatiana: Simply, this feeling of control is actually…

Igor Mikhailovich: The most important thing is to understand and to distinguish what comes from a person, and who dictates in him. If a person is under the dictatorship of the animal, well, the animal will always be aggressive. Well, you should help to calm this animal down, but not respond to this. Well, I don’t care what my neighbour’s dog thinks of me. Well, this is really so. Why should I show off in front of it, right? Well, this is…

Animal nature of a human involves you into the games of planning instead of loving and being happy

Zhanna: Right, there’s also one more such question, “Where does the person’s most precious attention go?” For instance, when he has planned some event and is spending a lot of attention precisely on guessing how it will be, how it will take place, meaning, on expectation…

Igor Mikhailovich: We’ve answered these questions more than once. Indeed, a person is striving, the person’s consciousness directs him to estimations and reckoning. This is a sort of magic, right? And it involves him into this game. Whether it’s some event or a meeting with someone, these actors in one’s head start planning and playing it: like, who has said what and whom. Well, what’s the difference for you? You do know the essence of the issue. These are games. Games are entertaining like TV series, right?

Zhanna: Well, yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: …which draw attention and force a person to engage in whatever possible – in foolishness. We are sitting and listening to this barking of dogs inside our head instead of living (Zh: Instead of acting.) Instead of loving and being happy. Or we can stand up, and go to do something.

Zhanna: After all, this is less costly…

Igor Mikhailovich: Of course.

Zhanna: …than if you spend and spend this, and endlessly…

Human consciousness needs the entire attention to be spent on it

Igor Mikhailovich: But what does consciousness need? It needs the entire attention to be spent on it. Just like any animal. I’ve purposely given the example of a Chihuahua dog. After all, any animal draws attention to itself. It is very jealous if you’ve paid attention to somebody. Even a little domestic dog will bite you, bark and run under your feet (Zh: To attract attention), well, just to make you take it in your arms. If it’s a little dog, of course. While a big god also draws attention, it’s just that you cannot take it in your arms. But everyone nurtures any animal for oneself, right? Sometimes people walk around with elephants.

Choose control over your animal nature and don’t let consciousness manipulate you

Tatiana: There is also such a point that people often say that they themselves don’t understand how they get into a situation when they promise themselves that now there will be some changes inside, that I will never, say, be angry or hold a grudge at anyone.

Igor Mikhailovich: “I’ve understood everything.”

Tatiana: Yes. And at a certain point simply, well, right after some moment they don’t understand how they’ve already found themselves in a totally opposite situation and…

Igor Mikhailovich: And forgotten everything what they promised to themselves.

Tatiana: Right, and there’s sort of inner distrust of oneself. Who is actually this person who promised? I planned to act differently, while in fact there is some result when an action has been taken. And who’s been actually acting? And what should be done in such cases? Meaning, this generates some…

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, nothing. You should simply understand that if actors in your head are arranging for something, then all this is a lie.

Tatiana: Yeah.

Igor Mikhailovich: If you as an Angel have indeed chosen the control over your animal nature, then don’t loosen it. If it has drawn your attention, well, shorten, so to say, put on a choke-chain collar and shorten the leash. Hold it tighter, harder. And everything falls into place. It’s very simple. Control it and don’t let consciousness manipulate you. If it tries to estimate something years ahead for you and to tell you that it’s all right, now you’ve engaged in practices, now you’ll be working on yourself since you’ve understood everything, – it’s consciousness that has understood. It agrees with you, but this way it sets you at ease, and it will immediately deceive you. You shouldn’t negotiate with it at all. Well, what’s the difference if you talk to and negotiate with your animal so that it doesn’t take this toy or that your slippers are not a toy. This is just pointless. If your little animal likes it, it will play with your slipper anyway, right? Well, this is an animal. In the same way you shouldn’t negotiate here. But you can discipline and train. Say, you’ve punished your animal once or twice so that it doesn’t touch your slippers – well, it won’t touch them. And it has no choice? Just like here. The attention which your consciousness eats is important for it, but for you as Personality it’s important as well. If you spend it not on the spiritual, not on increasing Love, not on creation, but on, let’s say, empty processes of being in some unnecessary fuss – well, it’s the same as spending money allocated to you between paydays on some rubbish. Here’s such a simple example, right? You received a salary payment, went shopping, bought not food for your body and not some clothes for yourself, but food for animals. You went outside and fed it to them right away. Well, is this logical or not?

Tatiana: This is totally illogical.

Igor Mikhailovich: And then you try to survive for a month. Well, okay, you’ve survived a month somehow. But if you act in the same way the next month, then, sorry, you won’t survive long. Well, isn’t it so?

The more a person comes into contact with the Spiritual World, the more consciousness tries to throw him out of this state

Tatiana: It is. And this very point when… While a person resides here and understands that this three-dimensional world means hellish existence, there is kind of this very impetus inside which urges him to really feel and live. But as soon as he comes into contact with the Spiritual World at least for the first time, as if the first thought of consciousness that it seems to have become better, that it is good, it stops him…

Igor Mikhailovich: He doesn’t need more.

Tatiana: Yes, meaning…

Igor Mikhailovich: Consciousness always deceives. Especially if a person gains the first experience of communication with the Spiritual World, gains the first contact. That means, so to say, plenty of such outbursts of feelings. You can’t call them otherwise, right? This indeed affects consciousness too, because consciousness detects an enormous power. It is also a sort of euphoria for it, and it immediately tries to intercept. What does it intercept? It intercepts precisely the attention by starting to side with you, to play along. It immediately tries to explain all this, to interpret what a person has felt, and it will immediately substitute everything. And later on, it will cast doubt on this all. Well, and eventually it will start denying it and dictating its own stuff. But this happens only when the beast controls the Angel. If the Angel holds Its ground, then, no matter how much Love this Being generates and gets in response, this will still be insufficient for It for as long as It is here, until It merges and becomes a part of that ocean. This is natural, this is simple. And the more a person, let’s say, comes into contact with the Spiritual World, the more often and more closely, the more consciousness tries to throw him out of this state, because it’s lethal for it. It is aware of its doomed fate, while the process of survival, the instinct of survival, well, let’s say, forces it to move.

Until a person overcomes his consciousness, nothing will change – One should always be an Angel and be above any matter

Zhanna: There are also such mistakes while working on oneself as how to change one’s life. For instance, people say, “I’ll start living with a clean slate.”

Igor Mikhailovich: This is impossible. We’ve talked about it more than once. When a person embarks on the path of service, he understands that the past has passed, and in the future he undertakes to live in a new way, to live in service. And owing to this, once a long time ago (we’ve basically told about this in one of the programmes), once a long time ago they began to copy, to establish such monasteries and similar dwellings, to copy from truly spiritual people. People assume different names, they pray a lot, act a lot, but live by the same patterns. And they have supposedly changed something. Until a person overcomes his consciousness, nothing will change. It will play, wear masks of a saint, but in fact the person has remained with his problems just as before.

Zhanna: That is, he is searching precisely in the external.

Igor Mikhailovich: In the external.

Zhanna: Meaning, he wants to change his place of residence, he wants to resettle…

Igor Mikhailovich: He wants to change everything, yes.

Zhanna: …to change, to alter. But thereby…

Igor Mikhailovich: And then something will sort of change. Well, nothing will change. You won’t escape from consciousness, since it’s always with you.

Zhanna: Well, yes. But there are such fleeting emotions of joy, emotions… Precisely emotions which are superficial, which are… (IM: Right.) Consciousness is whispering that if you quickly, quickly…

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s what I’ve been talking about. Consciousness substitutes perception through feelings with high emotions (Zh: Right), with these emotional outbursts, yes, but it will immediately take them away and create sorrow for you. Why? Because you’ve fallen for it. Simply speaking, you’ve exchanged true perception through feelings for a bright emotion. You’ve invested the power of attention into a bright emotion, an outburst, into lightness of your body, meaning, you’ve started living by the material. Hence, you’ve become what? The beast. Well, that’s it. While the beast has what is the beast’s. If today it is rejoicing, tomorrow it will gnaw you. And in order to avoid this, one should always be an Angel and be above any matter. Then everything is simple. Just dictate.

Zhanna: Not to exchange the depth.

Igor Mikhailovich: Whereas the simplest method is to listen to what your consciousness is telling you. It says, “Don’t do this way”, while you do if you feel that it’s the right thing to do. It tells you, “You should be sad”, while you rejoice. Why should I be sad? Excuse me, if this beast, let’s say, a dog, a Chihuahua wants me to become sad, should I really be sad because of what the Chihuahua in me desires: so that I resent you, for example? Well, what for? To provoke your Chihuahua? And they will start barking at each other. But what does this have to do with us? Well, isn’t that so? Well, it’s okay if you have a Chihuahua, but what if you have a bear? Poor my Chihuahua, right?

Zhanna: Right.

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s what I’m also telling it, they…

Zhanna: That’s how it usually happens in life.

Igor Mikhailovich: Why did I name a Chihuahua? Because this breed has no limits. It can attack a bear, an elephant or anyone else just as easily. Precisely as human consciousness does. It has no limits.

Doubts – Games of consciousness

Zhanna: Yes, there is also another point, when people hear, people understand that someone somewhere is already able to do this, someone has achieved some results in spiritual development, has overpowered his consciousness or at least has restrained it. “But how? Well… I won’t be able to. It won’t work out for me.” So, disbelief.

Igor Mikhailovich: Well, consciousness speaks exactly like this.

Zhanna: You know, something, like the last…

Igor Mikhailovich: But who disbelieves? It’s consciousness that disbelieves.

Zhanna: Yes, the last drop. Well, “I just don’t believe.”

Igor Mikhailovich: Who throws these doubts? All these are the games of consciousness. After all, it’s exactly consciousness that will be telling that you won’t succeed, that you are worthless, don’t engage in this, don’t waste your time.

Zhanna: Right, however they are telling so much, but it’s possible for them.

Igor Mikhailovich: But these are saints. And who are you, right?

Zhanna: Right…

You should simply understand who you are – you are alive or dead?

Igor Mikhailovich: Who are you? You are precisely an Angel. You should simply understand who you are. You are alive or dead.

Zhanna: And he wants, he feels, he’s already kind of ready, but consciousness still convinces him at some point that…

Igor Mikhailovich: It must convince.

Zhanna: Yes, that it won’t work out.

Tatiana: It as if prompts to take the opposite side (Zh: Yes), if it has worked there – it won’t work here. If one thing sort of sounds there, that means here it’s the opposite a priori.

Zhanna: Yes, as if mutual exclusion happens (T: Simply having believed it). Meaning, if there’s a plus, then I have a minus. And there’s some sort of constant… two sides. That is, there’s no single understanding, which is through feelings.

Igor Mikhailovich: There’s no single understanding simply because consciousness always takes the side which, let’s say, non-Angelic.

Zhanna: Yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: While a person feels completely the different – that it’s possible, that it’s real. And while he, let’s say, has doubts, while he’s spiritually underdeveloped, such moments happen in him. But if such moments happen in a person already, I’ll put it this way: it’s already a certain part of the victory, because he’s already identifying himself, that, pardon me, he isn’t a beast. Even if he feels like a gnawed chicken, a torn one, but it’s already a bird, you see, already with wings. Not an Angel yet, a chicken, but not a beast anymore, already not a dog. Isn’t it better? Whereas that one will grow up. Do you remember the fairy tale about the Ugly Duckling?

Zhanna: Yes.

Igor Mikhailovich: What has become of it?

Tatiana: A beautiful swan.

Zhanna: A beautiful swan.

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s the point. While how everyone was picking on him?

Zhanna: Pecking and oppressing.

Igor Mikhailovich: That’s the point. That’s right.

Zhanna: After all, the system always aims to peck and (IM: Oppress) repress a Personality.

Igor Mikhailovich: To oppress.

Zhanna: Right, just to…

Igor Mikhailovich: To offend, to oppress, to strike a vulnerable spot, pridefulness and everything else. But what does it end with if a person firmly stands on his path?

Zhanna: With the victory.

Igor Mikhailovich: For sure. That’s the point.


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