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Human Energy Structure | Signs of Time

In a new episode of the Signs of Time, we take a closer look at the energy structure of a human being. According to the Primordial Knowledge given in the book AllatRa by Anastasia Novykh, every person has a pyramidal energy structure which occupies a much larger space than a physical human body.

  • Centre of the structure — Soul
  • Top of the pyramid — Personality
  • Front facet of the pyramid — Front Essence (spiritual aspirations)
  • Rear facet of the pyramid — Back Essence (a person’s present and past)
  • Right facet of the pyramid — Right Essence (aggression, despondency, fear)
  • Left facet of the pyramid — Left Essence (slyness, craftiness, pridefulness)
  • Space between the truncated pyramid and the top — field of consciousness

The human energy structure is indivisible and performs its function, just like the physical body and each of the aforesaid components.

The main purpose of this multidimensional structure is the freedom of choice between material desires and spiritual aspirations, between good and evil. This is what determines a person’s destiny after the death of his or her physical body.

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