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Humanity is on the verge of an abyss | We must unite

Never before has humanity faced such catastrophic challenges as now. And we have only two paths: we can rise to the challenges and survive or we don’t rise to the challenges and get annihilated.

A critical condition for responding to the challenges is unification. We, people, are in one boat, and there’s a waterfall ahead, so we need to all come together and paddle in the opposite direction. We can survive if we all row together without pawning off our oar onto others. Then we will have a chance!

Mankind is on the edge of an abyss! We are one step away! If we can join hands, we can change a lot; otherwise, all that’s left for us is to fall into the abyss. There is a point beyond which we can do nothing.

As Igor Mikhailovich said very clearly: “We, the people who are living now, are the last generation. We are either the last generation living in the hell of the consumer society, and we are the first generation that will enter the paradise of the Creative Society, or we are the last generation that has lived in the paradise of the consumer society and will enter the hell of the reality that awaits us tomorrow in the same consumer format. The choice is up to everyone!”

Watch the full video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, “The Future? This Affects Everyone”, an excerpt of which is presented in this video.

Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone | International Online Conference”

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