No to violence in the family and society


Within the framework of the project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY” Olga Andreeva, a member of ALLATRA International Public Movement from Kaliningrad (Russia), shares her experience and a deeper understanding which came to her after watching the film “THE STORY OF MY SLAVERY” with Liza Shilkova.

Olga talks about how tyranny experienced by a person from others can turn the person into a tyrant oppressing others. About the importance for adults to pay attention to relationships among children without shifting the responsibility onto children themselves. Because if from childhood a person finds himself in a situation of an outcast and gets used to it, then, as he grows up, he will look for any opportunity to hold onto the slightest power, which will lead to the inability to see the inner beauty of another person, but will teach him to see the weaknesses and shortcomings in other people.

If adults do not keep silent, help children solve problems in their relationships, set a positive personal example, and do not turn a blind eye to such important things, children will grow up to become adults worthy of the title of a Human. And in such a society there will be no place for violence.


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