Humanity, we need to talk

The song that makes your day. Inspiring song of 2021

Heyyy, man, we need to talk
Please stop sharing bullshit stock
Consumer society leads us to death
And the entire humanity now in the ass.

What’s popping bro, are you still alive?
Don’t you want a normal life?
Consumerism is only what we knew.
I am gonna bounce this format! And you?

We all tired being divided
And what stops us from being united
We are majority we 99% percents
We can build the world where human life makes sense

Hey people can’t you feel it
That the love is now extremely needed
Don’t you wanna live in the world we’re free
And as the prophets said there world of Love should be

So let’s do it let’s create it
If we united we can really make it
The thing we all should do is just to share the truth
To build the world of Love is only up to me and you

Wars, racism, hunger rules of jungle
We are not monkeys, so please stop mumble
You are the human and you have a voice
In which world your kids will live it’s all your choice

So why are you tarrying let’s start sharing
Creative society is what people saying
No matter which religion and nationality
We all have common name and it’s humanity

Video “Creative Society Unites Everyone” 

“Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of” | International online conference



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