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Hundreds of thousands suffer the effects of disasters such as storms, earthquakes and melting glaciers

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YELLOWSTONE STRENGTHENING SEISMIC ACTIVITY – in 10 days, a tremor of 78 earthquakes was observed.

INTERCONNECTION OF SEISMIC ACTIVITY IN JAPAN AND USA – a series of 4 earthquakes of magnitude 5.7 to 6.1 hit the Japanese island of Hokkaido. After some time in United States, Oregon, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred.

In late August, heavy rains fell on the southwestern prefectures of Japan, provoking landslides.
In the northern areas of Kyushu Island, about 870,000 people received evacuation orders.

CHINA – powerful typhoon “Bailu”, heavy rains and gusty wind. More than 81 thousand people evacuated.
Many flights and trains cancelled.

In the Primorsky Krai, heavy rains fell, which in 2 hours brought 40 mm of rainfall, which in turn provoked landslides that went right onto the roadway, an emergency mode was declared.
MEXICO The Ivo storm led to floods, ground failures and the destruction of infrastructure.
VIETNAM “Podul” storm – heavy rains have led to floods and landslides, gusty wind has broken trees. The force of nature affected lives of 61 thousand families in 26 provinces.

SPAIN – The cold front of the air brought heavy rains, gale and hail.
More than 30 mm of precipitation fell in several municipalities, stormy streams of water swept away cars and everything that came in their way. In the municipality of Campillos, 3 tornadoes formed, which were accompanied by numerous lightning, strong winds and intense rains.

– Melting of the Okjokull Glacier.
-Temperature record in Alaska, where in early July the temperature rose to 32 ° C.
– June and July were the hottest months in Europe in the entire history of observations.

In Australia, a record amount of snow has fallen over the past 20 years, snow cover is 40-60 cm, the temperature at night has dropped to -1, -2 ° C.

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