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IDENTICAL SIGNS in ALL CULTURES of the World: Allat and AllatRa. History. Artefacts. Symbols

Allat and AllatRa signs have been present in the cultures of all peoples of the world, on every continent, since time immemorial. This video is a historical selection of Allat and AllatRa signs and symbols from Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania.

In order to find out what these symbols meant, how they appeared, how ancient people understood them, and why they placed them on all sacred objects and in all places significant to them, watch the unique video “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. FROM THE INEVITABLY DEAD TO ETERNALLY ALIVE”

This video represents an alive conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. It’s a living book. It is the beginning of global events which will inevitably develop further. It’s a consequence of what happened on December 21st, 2012. It is the next step after the book AllatRa.

Exposure of the system. Knowledge lost over centuries. Tools owing to which many people can gain true Freedom from enslavement by the system that covertly operates through consciousness. Unique experience and practice of contact with the Spiritual World. Alive conversation for those who want to become a part of the Boundless World.



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