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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! Hello, dear Friends! Today we will talk about Imam Mahdi in Islam and the revival of truth. Let’s start with the question that all Muslims face:

Are we faithful to Allah, and do we love His Prophet?

Many will say, ” Yes, of course.” Then the question arises, why do you not listen to the words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), why do you not follow them? His words, which concerned the end times, those instructions, those hints about the advent of Imam Mahdi, which he left for us all? Why do you prefer to listen to authorities, imams, or sheikhs? Yes, they know a lot of Arabic words, expressions, verses and hadiths. But they are just people. So why do you think that you are faithful to Allah and obey His prophet, but you do not listen to the words of the Prophet? So who is higher for you: the messenger of Allah himself or ordinary people?

About the advent of Imam Mahdi

In order to hear The Call of Mahdi — of the One who was sent by Allah the Almighty and who was spoken of by Allah’s Prophet, you just need to be a Muslim, that is, a person with an open heart. Whereas if a person does not hear the call, then he is not a Muslim. But the Prophet (peace be upon him) left many clues about the advent of Imam Mahdi. People do feel the truth and feel the One who came by the will of the Almighty, the One who brought the Truth, but they doubt and do not trust themselves. It is Iblis who guides people along the path to hell.

What is Iblis afraid of? He is afraid that a billion people will rise under the banner of Imam Mahdi. And this scares him very much! Iblis sows doubt among Muslims in order to lead people away from the straight path, for whoever follows Imam Mahdi — he follows the straight path. That is why Iblis is so perverted only to sow treachery, so that Muslims would betray Allah.

Every Muslim should ask himself a question: “Am I really faithful to Allah?”

In Islam, Imam Mahdi is the truth. He has the common wisdom of all the prophets and all the saints. The knowledge and essence of all religions is in His heart. He, al Mahdi, will fill the earth with justice and peace and unite everyone in one brotherhood.

All over the world, thanks to Imam Mahdi and the actions of righteous Muslims, there will be Islam. That is, God’s Love will reign!

A knowledgeable person is a pillar of Islam, it is the one who feels Allah within himself. He has no doubt that there is Allah the Almighty. Every person can learn to feel Allah within oneself and open up inwardly to Allah.

AllatRa banner in the hands of Imam Mahdi

The only decent answer and way out of the shackles of Iblis today is the AllatRa knowledge. It is the truth that Imam Mahdi has brought, and only this truth can help us get out of the net that Iblis so cleverly wrapped around all of humanity. Only ALLATRA, which leads to freedom from slavery, will help us get rid of these shackles.

The unification of humanity is already happening! AllatRa has stirred the hearts of many people around the world. Inspired by the wisdom of Imam Mahdi, people begin to act for the benefit of each other.

Each person has a part of Allah the Almighty in oneself, which means that everyone can perceive and feel the Truth in themselves, follow it and live by this truth within themselves. Today, all people on earth have this chance to become a real human, to live by the Truth within themselves. This chance is available thanks to AllatRa and owing to the Knowledge brought the Imam Mahdi.


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