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Impact and protection. In a consumer society, a person lives under the conditions of permanent informational and psychological stress, impact on him from the outside. How to overcome these problems on one’s own and protect oneself from these kinds of impacts?

The phenomenon of personality is one of the most ambiguous concepts in psychiatry and psychology. Why is crisis observed today in these fields of science? Why does treatment remain ineffective today even though there are many psychotherapeutic methods and scientific approaches? What are the main criteria for diagnosing, and what is actually happening to a person? What is the cause of psychosis?

Why do we say one thing, do another, and think a third one? Who is thinking in us? Who is my real self in this case? Where do thoughts come from? A voice in one’s head: is it a diagnosis, or does everyone have it? What is will? What is self-development of a person? What is one’s “own personality”?

Vegetative crises (panic attacks) and other negative states. What should be done? Why is modern treatment intended to have a temporary effect? How can panic attacks and states of anxiety and fear be avoided?

Historical experience. What did the ancients know about self-resuscitation and health restoration? Why is it important to consider a human holistically and to understand his or her duality?

What is the ancient Dim Mak art, and what is its true purpose? An ancient basic self-resuscitation practice to help people in emergency situations.

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