Importance of Knowledge that is given to people – it’s time to make a choice

Text version of the programme “CLIMATE. THE FUTURE IS NOW” with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Part 6.

(Note, abbreviations in the text: lead Tatiana – T; Igor Mikhailovich Danilov – IM)

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Can humanity avoid cataclysms? Importance of the Knowledge that has been given to people can not be overestimated. It is about how to survive global climate change on Earth and how to build a happy, creative society. It is time for all of us, the people of the world, to unite and act together now! AllatRa speaks within everyone and unites everyone into one big family. Primordial Knowledge is given to people and the most important now is the choice of every person.

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Importance of Knowledge that has been given makes the choice of every person on Earth mostly valuable 

T: But here again we come to an understanding that everything has been given, how much Knowledge has been given (IM: Yes, everything has been given) about it, how much it is…

IM: Everything has been given and told to the fullest. It only remains, as we’ve said at the beginning of the programme, to tell what may happen prospectively in this or that case.

But again, the choice of people can change everything, you see? And no futurologist will tell you what will happen tomorrow, if people really want this, you know? If people went ahead and changed the situation — and it will no longer be that way. This opportunity is given to a human. The main thing is for him to use it.

T: Igor Mikhailovich, are there, let’s say, any ways to soften and somehow change…

IM: The future?

T: Yes.

IM: This is people’s choice, this is people’s world. It’s your world, and you create it. But whether to satan’s dictation or by the inner, spiritual aspiration — well, the choice is yours. That’s the point — freedom of choice.

This is really the freedom of choice. To live or die, to be or not to be — it’s people who decide and choose. Nobody will do it for them. Even the devil cannot dictate here what to do, how and… and how to behave. This is a choice of people.

Is it possible to avoid impending cataclysms?

T: You’ve also said that it’s basically impossible to avoid cataclysms, but they could be not so… their consequences could be not so…

IM: Yes. Let’s say, not so disastrous for humanity.

T: Yes. But simply observing what is happening in the modern world, because, after all, there are many attempts to change the situation, or… to stop hurricanes.

IM: Humanity is just unable… well, here it’s important to take into account something else. For example, modern technologies, let’s say, theoretically, they can make it possible to slightly decrease the level of wind speed, the destructive level of that very hurricane, right?

But there’s the energy conservation law: if they decrease it at one point, it will increase at other points. It’s inevitable. And then, having picked up speed and steam, it will come back, only with greater power. And what did they win?

After all, everything that happens here in the visible world originates in the invisible world.

  A simple example: you read and you see. And everything that you see and read originates there in the boards, and these are just ones and zeros. While here you see the text which you read to us. Here’s a simple example… (T: Meaning…) That’s where it should be changed.

But again, it can be changed there as long as there is energy in this tablet. And today we’ve said that, well, to put it simply, humanity can recharge its tablet, otherwise its battery will simply be removed.

Global cataclysms are one whole process

T: Also, Igor Mikhailovich, well, what is now happening on Earth – there are numerous earthquakes, of course, the entire Ring of Fire is simply shaking now, and the magnitude of earthquakes is increasing as well as their frequency. And people already observe them in those regions where this hasn’t been typical at all. And people describe and confirm exactly what was said in the report regarding the fact that earth will be split, that’s what we are observing now — a big number of cracks, a big number of craters all over the world.

The neutrino emission is also a particularly special topic now, you know, it is a new one in scientific circles, the fact that Antarctica is pierced by a flow of neutrinos of extremely intense power…

IM: As a matter of fact, the neutrino emission has started long ago, and this is mentioned in the climate report. It’s just that the flow has now increased to such an extent that it can be detected. But this is actually… it’s not news. T: It’s just that, you know, the intensity of what is happening staggers by the fact that… People don’t believe, they refuse to believe that it’s coming from the earth bowels, because if this is really so, then it’s quite scary even to imagine what processes might be reflected on the surface very soon.

IM: Well, they are actually reflected. Why does the water go away, why do cracks in the soil appear as you say? This is basically a single process. After all, in actual fact, intensification of rains, drought increase, climatic changes, so to say, tropical rains which started in our region – all these are a single process. It cannot be considered separately, you see?

This is like, well, let’s say, an organism. An organism is an organism as a whole. If we take one organ, forgetting about the entire organism, we will never cure it (T: Right. There is also…). It’s the same way here.

T: Yes. And we sort of understand, well, what “global warming” are they talking about, when we see that it’s even snowing in that very Africa, in Algeria, in Morocco, in Saudi Arabia, right?! Meaning, some people aren’t warm.

IM: However, temperature’s increasing (T: Yes, for some…). The overall average temperature is increasing. This causes melting of glaciers and many other events. Well, this is just one of the parameters that can be measured and can be seen. But many things are happening, which, let’s say, people don’t notice… so far. But it is global.

Importance of the Primordial Knowledge that gives practical solutions

T: That’s for sure. It was all written in the report as well, yes, and precisely in the report about climate. And it was written how all these processes, including neutrino activity, and septon activity are interrelated in general.

IM: Well, again, “septon activity”. “For people, septon activity” is something… it’s not clear what it is. You see, this is also an interesting question. Physicists talk a lot today about such hypotheses as… well, let’s say, the string theory, about the fact that the whole world originated from one particle. Well, there are a lot of other hypotheses which, well, it’s hard for a person, say, who is far from physics, to accept all this. Why? Because it seems to be not just a fairy tale, but even more than a fairy tale.

And what is written in the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS report — about septons, about the world structure, something that was told God knows when, and they find historical evidence, that is, artefacts that clearly show how one or another material part is formed from a number of these septons and the like — well, this seems kind of fantastical.

And the funniest thing is that physicists who are far from AllatRa, when come across this report, they say,“Well, this is… well, that’s… it’s not even a hypothesis, it’s a fantasy.”

While “the Higgs boson is reality”… for them, not for everyone (T: You know…). Many laugh at this, of course, but for those to whom it was beneficial on the verge of closing this CERN, right, when they already wanted to close it, funding was cut, and here suddenly – a discovery: “the greatest,” “landmark discovery”. A timely one.

T: I’m very grateful for the report, because, you know, at the time when they write their reports to each other in four volumes very scientifically, everything is very complicated…

IM: Well-grounded and beautiful.

T: They don’t look into that.

IM: So, let’s take science a hundred years ago, which was written in simple human language, understandable to all. It’s trite, but that very physics, whatever, electrical engineering, or whatever we take. And take now. How complicated it has become. After all, it’s not science that has improved – it’s the language that has become more complicated. What for? So that a person would drop in and fail to understand anything, you see, unless he is from their circle. It’s again division and giving it such a scientific form.

T: That’s why, of course, many thanks, because we understand how simple it’s all made for people, how it’s all made for a person to figure it out and understand that it is very substantial, very meaningful. And the most important thing is that it’s not so much even about the processes, but about the ways out, about decisions that have to be taken.

Knowledge is given — it’s important to act now!

T: Well, the Knowledge you’ve given, the Knowledge that is being given from programme to programme, the Knowledge that we have, the last eighty pages of “AllatRa” – these are the very recommendations that people ask for. Even in the report, which seemed to be…

IM: And it turns out, it was talked about, it was given, but it’s not enough for consciousness. But who is asking? Consciousness is asking.

T: Meaning, it seems like it hasn’t been defined for it…

IM: Wasn’t this talked about in the book “AllatRa”? Wasn’t this talked about in the report, wasn’t this talked about in the programmes? After all, one programme after another, we talk a lot about the same thing. Isn’t that so?

They want to keep listening. Perhaps, you should stop listening and start acting instead? It’s a question. You can sit and listen all your life. It won’t help you if you don’t act.

I’ll put it simply. Imagine, a person is sick, a doctor comes to him, and the doctor says, “You need to take this or that medicine.” The person says, “Okay.” A day passes, the person gets worse. He calls the doctor again and says, “Doctor, but I feel worse.” The doctor says, “Did you take the medicine?” He says, “Why? Am I supposed to take the medicine, too?” I thought I would talk to you and would feel better.” Well, isn’t that the way it happens in our case?

Why consciousness erases information, experience and insights?  

T: Yes. Well, you know, you say that one programme after another, you speak and repeat, but there is another side, because people share the fact that when they hear something in a programme once, something that gives them an insight and they think that they will never in their life forget it, it will forever leave an inner imprint.

IM: And the next day they forget this.

T: Yes, but what is also interesting…

IM: This is how consciousness works. Don’t we talk about this?

T: But what is interesting and why there’s gratitude — because, returning already to the programmes that were released previously, being in that, so to say, “Eureka!” state, they understand that, “But it was told about, it was given right there!” But at that moment it was as if behind the information that was given …

IM: And for how long does this understanding last?

T: Everything depends on a person himself…

IM: You are actually right. It all depends on a person. If a person wants it, it’s enough for him to hear once, understand and never stumble again. 

But unfortunately, the majority are under such a total power of the system that even a momentary insight is erased by consciousness  very quickly. Why? There are too many distractions – you need to do something here, and do something there, and watch something there. And then the games of consciousness begin. It is trite and stereotypical, and the like, meaning, a person forgets about the insight that he has got. Then he feels a certain melancholy, then he recalls and thinks, “Well, it seems that I sort of remember, sort of know, but somehow I don’t have this inspiration. Yes, I must observe, I must work, I must get free, well, but somehow I don’t want to.”

Why? Because of the power of this dictator in his head again. Well, isn’t that so?

T: Yes.

IM: But it is precisely given so that a person can get rid of this dictator. That’s exactly what we are saying – if consciousness says, “Don’t do it!” – then do it. Especially when it concerns the spiritual. If it says, “Just wait, well, … well, why should you do this or that, yes? Well, just lie down for a while, and everything will pass.” Just get up and go! That’s the point. If it says to you, “Shut up!” – speak. And then you will see the result. 

But again, don’t be confused when consciousness tells you, “But consciousness has told you – keep quiet!” The system is also cunning and can manipulate a person, it has to come from the inner. When there is an understanding from the inner, and you feel that you are right, then you have to do it the way you feel, and not the way you want. And the question is: who in you wants? Is it you, or is it your consciousness dictating to you? Well, isn’t that so?

T: There is already practical evidence of what you are saying. That’s …

IM: And a lot of it.

T: Yes. And people say that by applying this in practice, well, everything that you say, they observe how things really change…

IM: It’s easier to breathe.

T: It’s easier to breathe. And that everything gets done.

IM: And there are no longer bad thoughts in one’s head, and they begin to be controlled. And it turns out that the devil is not so strong as it seemed originally, right? One just needs to work.

AllatRa resonates with people’s deep feelings 

T: Yes. They said the same thing about the ALLATRA Movement. You spoke about the fact that well, many say, “Why are you always (talking) about the ALLATRA Movement?”

I’ve just recalled the experience I’d like to remind people of. When people share that even encountering information, even seeing a billboard with a picture of the book “AllatRa”, or finding contextual advertisement on the internet, without even opening, without downloading it, something as if germinates inside at this very moment. And at that moment when you come into contact with this information, there is a definitive “Yes!” inside. You understand that this is, in fact, what’s vitally necessary and important for you.

And it’s just that a lot of people precisely note this moment at some invisible level, the level of feelings, of this… inner outburst and definitive “Yes!”

And, of course, it seems to me that even repeating the same thing over and over, one programme after another, that, perhaps, as you say, “We do talk about this”, but they reveal the topic from a completely different side.

Because we already talked a lot about Atlantis, and about Bereke’s treatise in the programme “It is Coming”, where it was said that it began with the story of Atlantis. But such a complete and broad understanding came to people only after they received more detailed information later. Everything you say and everything you share is very important.

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