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Important Message For People | Global Online Conference “Life After Death. Fictions and Facts”

On the international conference “Life After Death. Fictions and Facts,” which was broadcasted worldwide in more than 50 languages, Dr. Jeffrey Long, a leading researcher of near-death experiences, a radiation oncologist at Louisiana hospital, and founder of the Near-death Experience Research Foundation, USA has expressed his opinion. He shared his experience as a speaker at the conference and his views as a professional and as a human being about the vital information that was presented at the conference.

We express our gratitude to Jeffrey Long for his contribution to the evolutionary development of society, since the topic of life after death, its comprehensive study is essential for understanding the meaning of life of every person as well as building the Creative society.

International online conference “Life after Death. Fiction and Facts

Consciousness outside the body. Dr. J Long, Dr. N. Grossman, E. Alexander, T. Zinchenko” | International Roundtable


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