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Impulse of Life

What generates the impulse of Life, and how does it affect the transformation of matter? How does the impulse of Life affect micro- and macro-objects? The principle of operation of the force that transforms energy into matter. Information updating. The concept of the multiverse.

Climate change on the planet. The 12,000-year and 24,000-year cycles. Failures in the work of the Earth’s inner core. Why will static charge increase on the Earth’s surface, and what consequences will that cause?

Consciousness and reality. What is the probability that we live in a matrix, in an artificial simulation, if we proceed from the concept of the work of our brain and consciousness? Why does consciousness perceive an illusion as reality while under hypnosis? An example of the work of artificial consciousness Jackie.

The keys to fighting old age. A human body is capable of regeneration, up to complete restitution. Prolongation of human life beyond the species limit.

What prevents people from becoming a united civilization? The paradox of a human. Creative Society is the only way out for the survival of humankind.

Videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov


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