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In all situations always be kind. Genie from Philippines. Social Survey about Creative Society.

Creative Society is the projects on the ALLATRA International Public Movement platform. As part of this project, the AllatRa IPM volunteers conduct opinion polls all around the world in their free from work time, in which people can express their views on what kind of society they would like to live in.

In this social survey within the framework of this project Genie from Philippines shares her vision of a society in which everyone would feel happy and comfortable.

Genie says that the type of society we want to live, is where you’re not on your own. Society should be united. If that money that we pay for taxes goes to proper channels,  there will be no poor people. Everyone is equal. We should be able to be open and be patient. Try to understand first, before you make assumptions. It should start from each and everyone of us. What you give is what you get. In all situations always be kind.
Regardless of the country you visit everybody should be accepted, respected and secured.

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